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No other place in Europe screams authenticity like Prague, Czech Republic.

Situated in Central Europe, Prague has quickly become an international city as more and more people discover how incredibly enchanting this city is.

Baroque architecture lines every street painted in pastel giving beauty a whole new meaning. And that is only the beginning of things to see in this dazzling, picturesque city.

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Here are 12 photos to inspire you to visit Prague, Czech Republic.

beautiful Prague images of Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Prague photos

Lennon Wall is never the same thing twice!

Prague photos

Baroque architecture

Prague photos

Admire the views of Vltava River

Prague photos

Rich history

Prague photos

Views from the Prague Castle

Prague photos

Dreamy gardens

Prague photos

Cutest cafes around

Prague photos

Beer gardens are the perfect spot on a sunny day

Prague photos

Just your average neighborhood

Prague photos; naplavka

Views from Letna Garden. Read More: Best Outdoor Drinking Spots in Prague

Prague photos

Like living in a fairytale


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