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No one does afternoon tea better than Sketch. Let me rewind and say, no one does afternoon tea better than the British.

Surely then, it should come as no surprise that Sketch is located in London, England. It is the most quintessential thing you can do while in England. After all, it was introduced by the Duchess of Bedford.

For those new to the traditions of high tea, it’s quite the social (and fashion) gathering. Friends come together in the early afternoon to drink tea, sip champagne, and eat delicious sandwiches, scones, and pastries all while catching up with one another.

Sketch is also one of the most instagrammable restaurants in all of London.

But don’t worry.

There is crowd control for this is a fine dining establishment. Proper etiquette is very much expected.

Nothing embraces the English culture like afternoon tea, and there is no better place to experience a traditional afternoon tea than Sketch, London’s finest and most artistic afternoon tea experience.

A real pink lover’s fine dining daydream as I like to say.


sketch afternoon tea

Only a vending machine of tea sets no biggie

Hello and welcome to Sketch Afternoon Tea

From the moment you arrive, you will be in constant awe with every corner, bite, clink, and sip that comes your way.

Here is proof that Sketch is by far the best place for afternoon tea in London. Pinkies up!

Before entering the Gallery dining room, you are greeted with the most amazing vending machine. (See the picture above)

As if vending machines could not get any better, they have a vending machine for teapots, plates, teacups and more. Everything you need for your very own afternoon tea.

Before we continue, I want to mention that Sketch houses multiple rooms, however, the afternoon tea is held only in the Gallery. You know, the PINK ROOM!

sketch afternoon tea

The Gallery dining room inside Sketch

Pink, it was love at first sight!

When they say pink dining room, they mean it. I felt as if all my childhood fantasies of living in a pink Barbie dollhouse had come to life.

EVERYTHING in this room from the walls, chairs, centerpiece, champagne, and even the ribbon on your sandwich is pink.

“Hi, I’d like to live here please!”


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It was the fanciest of all the fancies!

You will be sat at a white cloth table with rose gold silverware and artsy plates.

Soon thereafter, a stylishly dressed server will soon come to explain their afternoon tea menu options.

Keep reading for menu details.

Sketch afternoon tea

Too cute to eat. Too delicious not to eat. Dilemmas.

Sketch Afternoon Tea Menu

As I mentioned, the high tea menu consists of a traditional Afternoon Tea or Tea with Bubble.

Can we all agree that Bubble is a way better word than Champagne?

Prices start at 80 pounds per person but plan to spend more because you obviously need the tea with bubbles option which is 94 Pounds per person.

Totally worth it.

If not for the pure enjoyment of pink champagne, then to watch a polished man in a tuxedo pour your glass from high above in the fanciest way!


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sketch afternoon tea

My sister having a real Willy Wonka moment with her vegan dessert.

Food Options

Vegetarian? They got you. Vegan? They got you.

Yes, Sketch’s menu is more than accommodating to all your dietary restrictions.

I opted for the original menu. My sister got the vegan menu, and I must say, the vegan desserts are muy delicioso!

Sketch does a great job on the vegan options.

Be sure to check for the latest menu options for seasonal items come and go.

However, you can count on standard options like cucumber sandwiches and scones.

Sketch afternoon tea

Your food is brought out on a three-tiered tray.

Working your way from the bottom up you have tiny sandwiches with a classic cucumber, salmon, and egg sandwich.

Next, you have sweet pastries and rich cakes, and on the top, meringue tarts and mousse.

If you think you will leave here still hungry, you’re wrong.

Once you eat your way through the deliciousness before you, the trolley comes with house-made scones and jam. More food!

That means it is also time for another glass of champagne. Come here, tuxedo man!

sketch afternoon tea

Pink bubbles all day everyday

It is easy to assume people come to Sketch solely for the best food, but you are only half correct. The bathrooms are a sight to see all on their own.

Soon enough, after all the tea and champagne, a visit to the restroom is in order. Off we go!


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Sketch Bathroom

You are now entering a new world.

Sketch Bathrooms

On your way to the restroom, you will enter a HUGE bright white room with stairs leading to the top on both sides.

Imagine heaven, because that is exactly what it looked like.

I was a tiny girl in a big white room. Awkward!

Once you make it to the top, egg-shaped pods await you.

These pods are tall as can be are scattered all around. Guess what? Those are your private toilets.

After you handle your business, be sure to look up above you.

The ceilings are multi-colored tiles aka my favorite part.

Like seriously who decorated this place and what’s their rate? This girl needs to remodel her house.

Now, combine all of this with some inner-galactic music you will be convinced you are on Mars.

Of course, you will need photos for proof so snap away!

Sketch Bathroom Pods

The only bathroom selfie you will ever need.

sketch afternoon tea

Come excited leave excited

What Else Will You Find at Sketch?

As if teapot vending machines, snazzy waiters, pink rooms, and space pods aren’t enough. . . there’s more.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Sketch houses multiple rooms worth strolling through which include:

  • The Lecture Room & Library: aka 2 Star Michelin Star Restaurant. You thought 94 pounds for afternoon tea was expensive. HA! This is most definitely more.
  • The Glade: enchanted forest room you will see on your way to the gallery. This room was decorated floor to ceiling transporting you to a magical forest. I would go back just to eat in the Glade room.
  • The Parlour: an all-day cocktail and music bar. Probably the easiest going of all the room in terms of come as you please. No reservations required

Sketch is by far the best two hours anyone can ever spend in a restaurant. Oh, I forgot to tell you. You are allowed a two-hour max on the afternoon dining. I found it to be just enough time. It is a truly quintessential afternoon tea infused with modern marvels. No other place is like Sketch, therefore, an absolute must for anyone visiting London. Call and make your reservation for an unforgettable afternoon tea experience unlike any other. Only at Sketch!

Cheerio darling and come again! I really just wanted to say “Cheerio” hehe.

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