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The bar scene in Las Vegas is no “basic” scene.

It’s a destination for reconnecting with friends, making new ones, and letting loose from a long day’s work.

It’s a wide spectrum – from innovative mixology and eclectic atmospheres to cement blocks where the motto is shut up and drink!

Picking a place to go can be tricky for there are hundreds of options.

In fact, deciding on where to drink is just as challenging as deciding what to wear.

That is why I have rounded up my TOP LIST of best bars in Las Vegas for every type of person.

So whether you are looking to keep it classy or trashy there is a place for you. Keep reading to find out!


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barrymore is one of the best bars in las vegas for swanky music

It’s pronounced Rosé not Rose

These bars are just as elaborate as the people in them. Flaunt your latest and greatest self at one of these bougie scenes.

Barrymore, The Royal Resort: 

Quite the local hot spot offering swanky live music on the weekends from 6-9 pm and one of the best happy hours in town from 5-7 pm.

Barrymore will have you stepping back in time to the good ol‘ days. The only thing missing from this bar is Don Draper himself.

Best bars in Las Vegas

Chandelier Bar, Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

When Cosmopolitan first opened it’s doors a few years ago, it didn’t take long for people to realize just how special this place was.

By far the most spectacular thing to see here is the 2 1/2 story Chandelier that conveniently has a bar located in the center. It doesn’t get much fancier than this.

The drink prices speak for themselves ranging around $17 per cocktail.

Mandarin Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Located on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, this bar serves up only the finest cocktails while offering splendid views overlooking the dazzling Las Vegas Strip.

Many places like to sell you on their promise of a view, but Mandarin actually delivers.

With floor to ceiling windows in the center of it all, Mandarin Bar is the definition of ritzy.


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Dino's lounge is one of the best dive bars in las vegas

Dino’s Lounge is one of the great dive bars in town.

Shut up and drink

Some places don’t need much to sell you a stiff drink. In fact, all you need are a few chairs, tables, and a bartender who won’t put up with petty bullshit. Keep it real at one of these dive bars.

Dino’s Lounge, North Las Vegas Blvd.

Known as the last neighborhood bar in Las Vegas, Dino’s Lounge is a Vegas classic.

Come here to shoot some pool, down one too many shots, and when you feel confident enough, take your center on stage for karaoke. Here no woman or man is too good to belt out a song.

Double Down Saloon, Paradise

Although Double Down Saloon lives by one motto and one motto only, “shut up and drink”. What might not sound like a great time, there’s a reason Double Down Saloon has stood the test of time.

Best to see it for yourself. P.S. don’t forget to try their ass juice.

Hogs & Heifers, Downtown near Fremont Street

If motorcycles are your thing, OR if you suddenly have the urge to join a biker squad, then Hogs and Heifers is the place to be.

Weekly, Bikers flock to this bar for some rock n’ roll, strong drinks, and apparently to toss their bras over the bar. Like seriously, this bar has more bras than a Victoria’s Secret.

My hair is so big because it’s full of secrets

Vegas certainly is not known for having a plethora of speakeasies despite its mob, prohibition past. Most bars have crawled out of the dark era but these few hush-hush places remain.

Downtown Cocktail Room, East Fremont District

This place is hands down one of the best bars in Las Vegas. Located on a quiet sidewalk right off Fremont Street is where you will find Downtown Cocktail Room hidden in plain sight!

The important thing to note here is the ever-changing menu created by their very own Bartenders/Mixologists. I really don’t know the difference these days. But what I do know is this place rocks!

The Laundry Room, East Fremont District

Laundry Room is the purest speakeasy in town; a small room inside the popular bar, Commonwealth. You would be so lucky to get in, but still, you can try by texting 702-701-1466. 

Unfortunately, the bouncers here are no friends. Desperate cries simply won’t work!

My best advice is to never give up.

When you do get inside, celebrate your victory over a perfectly made cocktail transporting you back in time with every sip.

Rose Rabbit Lie, Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

While everyone knows Rose.Rabbit.Lie to be a fine dining restaurant, there is actually a small bar tucked away inside.

Only if you are intentionally searching will you find it.

Step into this dark, moody room where the drinks are as magical as the decor. One might even believe they have fallen down a real rabbit hole.

Millennium Fandom Bar

There’s no better place to live out your Star Wars (or any other) obsession while sipping on tasty concoctions than at Millennium Fandom.

A secret’ish cosplay bar where anything goes! Secret’ish meaning, not 100% visible from the street.

Having lived here my whole life, this is a recent discovery for me. A great one actually!

Finally, my inner geek, alcoholic self-has found a place that has the best of both worlds. Make sure to check out their calendar for all their themed nights.

frankie's tiki room is one of the best bars in las vegas for tiki drinks

Frankie’s Tiki Room

I’m from the 9th Island

Ask any Hawaiian where their second home is and they will undoubtedly say Las Vegas. Don’t ask me. I have no idea why that is, but I am grateful for these tiki inspired bars.

Frankie’s Tiki Room, W. Charleston Blvd.

If you assume Frankie’s Tiki Room to be just another Tiki Bar, think again. Pay attention to the details. You might get the feeling you’ve been here before.

In fact, Frankie’s Tiki Room was built by world-famous Tiki Bar Designer, Bamboo Ben who coincidentally is the grandson of Eli Hedley, the designer of the Tiki Room at Disneyland.

Oh, and don’t let the fruity drinks fool you. They will quickly turn into your enemy.

Golden Tiki, China Town

Volcanoes, giant seashells, and talking skeletons oh my! Golden Tiki is as random and crazy as they come.

The further you walk in the more questions you will have to ask yourself, like “why is there swing dancing”? “Why is there a talking skeleton with lasers coming out of its eyes”?

Yet, they got the most important thing right and that is their full Tiki drink menu!

Atomic Liquors is an iconic, local bar in Las Vegas

Atomic Liquor

Did someone order a man bun?

Hipsters unite at these bars filled with intense cocktails that can oftentimes take longer to make than it does to order, use the restroom, make a phone call, then pay.

Nonetheless, they are onto something, those hipsters. Craft drinks, man buns, and intellectual conversations are on the menu at these trendy bars.

Atomic Liquor, East Fremont District

Atomic Liquor is more than a bar, but rather a big part of this city’s history. Not to mention, the “oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas.

Knowing a bit about the past of Atomic Liquor will give you a deeper appreciation when you walk through its doors.

After having been closed for a couple of years, Atomic Liquor was restored in 2012 and is once again a cherished local bar.

Sand Dollar, Spring Mountain

You never know who you are going to spot at this hidden treasure, from Mick Jagger to The Who, and even B.B. King back in the day.

Did I mention they also make one of the best Old Fashions I’ve ever had?

The Sand Dollar is the place to be for all music lovers, industry folks, and hipsters alike!

Herbs & Rye, West Sahara

Herbs and Rye hold countless awards making it easily one of the best bars not only in this city but in the world according to Travel and Leisure.

Take your time going through the menu. Starting with libations from the Gothic Age and working your way down to the Tiki Boom era.

Velveteen Rabbit, Art District

Nestled in the heart of the Arts District, Velveteen Rabbit lives up to its promise of delicious handcrafted cocktails that change with the seasons.

Aside from their incredible menu, my favorite thing about this bar is their vintage interior and cozy back patio that hosts live music. This place is hipster central!

goldspike bar is the best bar in Las Vegas for single young adults

Gold Spike bar in downtown Las Vegas

I’m looking to score tonight

What better place to be single and ready to mingle on a weekend night than at one of these adult playgrounds? DJ’s spinning, games galore, and tons of people is the recipe for let’s party and make bad choices!  

Parkway Tavern, Southwest Side

There are technically multiple Parkway Taverns, but let’s face it. The mothership location is the only one any of us give a damn about showing face at. 

Parkway for short, offers a rather impressive beer menu attracting young professionals and college students alike

They also got tons of games such as bowling with a promise of an overcrowded room full of girl and guy squads ready to mingle. 

Gold Spike, Downtown

Hard to imagine this place was once a biker bar. Then one day a bunch of millennials got their hands on it with the help of Zappos and voila!

Thus the birth of NEW Gold Spikean oasis for young professionals who still enjoy tetherball and rollerblading while drinking vodka Red Bulls and collecting phone numbers.

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hangover heaven las vegas

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Is my list missing anything? Share your favorite bars in Las Vegas in the comments below!

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