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You saved up for the perfect vacation only to find nearly half going towards hotel and flight. That is a series of misguided information and basic planning. The truth is, accommodation can be super cheap with a little creativity. Hotels are not the only option, you know? There are plenty of cheap alternatives to hotels – many I will be discussing in this post!


Where Can I Stay For Cheap?

When I say cheap, I really mean I have high’ish standards but no money to spend haha.

Does anyone else feel that way or just me?

I don’t want bed bugs and disease but I also don’t need nightly turndown service. Part of my reason for being able to afford travel is that I got clever and resourceful when it comes to booking accommodation.

So, this question is tough because there is a huge range of what people consider cheap. For me, cheap between $15-25 per night per person. Given that, I wrote this article with that budget amount in mind.

As you read know that all of these places can fall within that range. 


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5 Creative & Cheap Alternatives To Hotels

This guide is going to share a few creative places you can stay as a substitute for hotels. This will, in turn, save you money and enhance the overall travel experience in some way.

Either you will learn budget travel is not for you, or it will completely open your eyes to how inexpensive traveling the world can be.

Good or bad you will certainly walk away with memories.


Cheap Alternatives To Hotels

1. Stay in a Dorm

Many universities rent out their dorms during the summer break for very low prices. It is surprising how many world-renowned universities do it. *cough Oxford*

That’s right, you can stay on the beautiful Oxford campus, or shall I say Hogwarts. The only downside is that many of the days would put you at the high end of your budget around 36 British Pounds per night. This would only work if you’re splitting the rate multiple ways. 

Remember, this is only an example. There are tons of college campuses that open their dorms to travelers during school breaks. 

All you have to do is find a school, call the housing department and inquire about summer rental rates. Private universities are the best.

Just make sure to bring sleeping essentials (I.e. Towels, sheets, etc.)


Cheap Alternatives To Hotels

2. Roll Out Your Sleeping Bags and Pitch a Tent

Camping is an experience all on its own which can be done pretty much anywhere. Plus it’s a great way to get in touch with nature.

Camping the Ring Road in Iceland, sleeping in the Alps, or gazing out at the stars in Thailand. The list goes on and on.

Camping provides an inexpensive alternative and gives a rewarding experience in return. Make sure to research and stay in camping designated areas.


Cheap Alternatives To Hotels

3. Couch Surfing

To be honest, I did not like the idea of couch surfing when I first heard about it. Something about sleeping a stranger’s home seemed a little un-comforting.

However, with the birth of Airbnb and sleeping in countless hostels while backpacking Europe, I realized couch surfing is no different.

Most couch surfing hosts are travelers themselves who like to pay it forward. In actuality, it’s travelers meeting travelers. The best part is, it’s FREE!

Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. Use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers.

They do a great job of connecting the community from all around the world and constantly sharing safety tips for travelers. This is an especially great option for solo travelers, and in rare cases, two people. I say rarely from personal experience. I rarely hear about two travelers snagging free lodging on Couchsurfing. 


Cheap Alternatives To Hotels

4. Home Exchange

Did you ever see the movie The Holiday? Two people from different countries swapped houses for a few weeks. The good news is this house swap idea exists and its called Home Exchange.

Their whole saying is, “Travel Anywhere. Live Like A Local. Stay For Free”. Home Exchange is a trusted company with thousands of locations all around the world. 

It’s really simple how it works. Similar to Airbnb you list your home on their platform. The only difference is you exchange homes as payment rather than cash. Once your home is listed, you look for homes in destinations that interest you and send exchange requests.

It’s free to use but if you want unlimited exchanges, Home Exchange offers a premium membership for $150 per year. That wouldn’t be a bad deal if you travel often. $150 for lodging for the entire year! Not bad. Not bad.


Cheap Alternatives To Hotels

5. Volunteer

There are tons of volunteer programs out there offering free accommodation to their volunteers. Workaway is a popular one located in over 155 countries.

Not only are you giving back, but getting free accommodation. Such a humbling experience to give back and meet people from all over the world. Easily the most authentic trip one can have in their life.

Go Overseas is a great place to start this journey. You can search thousands of volunteer abroad opportunities all from one search engine. 

Volunteering options might require longer time commitments that appeal to long-term travelers. If you have a dream to spend a year traveling the world, volunteering is a great start toward making that dream a reality and for a fraction of the cost. 


Cheap Alternatives To Hotels

BONUS: Hostels

In some cases, hostels can feel no different from hotels. It’s worth mentioning though because there are still a bunch of you who have no desire to stay in hostels for fear of being kidnapped – I don’t know honestly.

What I do know is that you are potentially leaving money and new friendships on the table by not considering hostels as a lodging option. Hostels are still a top choice for cheap hotel alternatives depending on where and what time of year.

My first time in London I stayed in a hostel in Westminster for $15/night. That got us near a tube stop, free breakfast, and new friends. 

My favorite place to book hostels is or Hostelworld is a little better because they are solely geared toward hostels, but I’ve been able to snag some last-minute spots on Hotels Combined that were not available on Hostelworld. Typically, I check both but almost always go with Hostelworld.

So there you have it. A few creative approaches to finding cheap hotel alternatives. As always, I hope this helped. Cheap travel is 100% possible but it does require a little research and creative approaches. Cutting lodging expenses by 1,2,3 times is going to help you reach your goals faster and/or keep you traveling longer. Be sure to check out my others guides for budgeting tips, as well as, budget-friendly destinations.

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What are some ways you saved money on lodging? Share your tips in the comments below!

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) when you purchase through these links, which helps me keep my lights on and order pizza from Dominos! I am extremely grateful. Thank you.

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