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what to do at Disneyland for adults

Disneyland for adults has never been better!

There are so many attractions, shopping, and dining options specifically catered to the “older crowd”. Although, I believe age is just a number, especially at the happiest place on earth!

I would be lying if I said this article does not pose a bit of bias given my obsession with Disney.

But the question we need to be asking is why did this obsession continue into adulthood?

The answer is simply because Disneyland Parks have continuously offered me some sort of entertainment throughout every stage of my life.

disneyland for adults

When I was young I loved riding the kiddie rides and rockin’ my princess dress.

Side Note: I would still rock the princess dress, but there are rules for crazy people like me.

As an adult, I enjoy riding thrill rides and sampling my way around restaurants.

Every Christmas, my boyfriend and I travel to Disneyland to feel and drink the spirit of Christmas.

So for those doubting, here is a little proof to change your perspective and show you that Disney is for adults. 

 disneyland for adults

If you find a man that looks this good in Mickey ears, keep him.

They Specifically Target Millennials

Rose gold and millennial pink are here to stay.

Disneyland has recognized this invasion in the form of rose gold mickey ears and pink macaroons that will have you posting to Instagram in no time.

Who cares about the price when you’re that happy?

disneyland for adults

Cheers to Disney lovers everywhere

They Serve Buzz-worthy Handcrafted Cocktails

One of my new favorite things about going to Disneyland is trying new drinks whether it’s wine tasting in California Adventure or re-visiting my usual spot in Downtown Disney.

A few of my favorites include:

  1. Crown & Rose (Epcot)

  2. Uva bar (Downtown Disney in LA)

  3. Carthay Circle (California Adventure)

  4. Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom Disneyworld)

  5. Trader Sam (Disneyland Hotel)

P.S. I hear they are now serving alcoholic beverages inside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

disneyland for adults

Guardians of the Galaxy – California Adventure

Guardians of the Galaxy is Only the Best Ride Ever

I’ll confess, I was not happy when I got word they were shutting down my favorite Tower of Terror.

I thought, “it’s all going to hell”, however, I was seriously wrong because they stepped up their game with Guardians of the Galaxy. See what happens when you doubt Disney?

This ride features 6 different scenarios which make going back even more thrilling.

disneyland for adults

Inside the dining room at Chez Remy – Disneyland Paris

The Restaurants are Larger than Life

Chez Remy at Disneyland Paris transports guests to a larger than life world.

Walkthrough the doors and into a room filled with giant light bulbs, plates, forks, and plants as though you’re hanging down below with Chez Remy himself.

The menu is absolutely amazing and to this day the best meal I’ve ever had at any Disney park.

The Ratatouille and Apple Tart is reason enough to travel thousands of miles for.

Catch my latest video on Disneyland Food!

I could go on forever about the amazing food. Chez Remy aside, you can find tons of more restaurants including character dining for adults.

disneyland for adults

The Music Isn’t so Bad Either

In fact, it’s great!

In my opinion, hearing the music swarm the park is what ties it all together making it the happiest place on earth.

If the music was deep and depressing or non-existent people probably wouldn’t be that excited to visit.

What do you think is the real glue?

They Celebrate Better than Anyone

Starting in the Fall through New Years, the holiday celebrations at all Disney parks have been nothing short of spectacular.

Even when the holidays have passed they continue to find ways to celebrate from their annual Epcot Food and Wine Festival to Diamond Celebration, and now Pixar Fest.

Who knows what’s next and I’m excited to find out!

disneyland for adults

(Source: IG @Disneyland33member)

It’s Home to One of the Most Exclusive Clubs in the World

Though everyone knows about Club 33, it remains to be one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

For anyone willing to pay a $25,000 initiation fee plus $10,000 every year thereafter can find themselves inside this magnificent dining club.

In recent years, Club 1901 opened inside Carthay Circle giving members a new location.

Did I mention it’s the only place inside Disneyland that serves booze? We all know that’s not for kids.

disneyland for adults

They are Winning the Churro Game

If you say you don’t like their churros you can exit now. Ok so not really, but like I kinda judge you now.

My boyfriend and I have churro eating contests – seeing who can eat the most churros at the end of the day. Calories don’t count at Disneyland.

For more delicious desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out this guide on Best Disneyland Desserts.

disneyland for adults

The entrance to Disneyland Paris

No Two Parks are the Same

Wait, what? Yes, they are!

But not really.

Yes, certain rides, especially inside the Magic Kingdom are similar across all parks, but many are not such as Snow White’s Roller Coaster at Euro Disney.

From the language that is spoke to the food that is served make each park different from the other.

For example, in Disneyland Paris, any movie (i.e. Beauty and the Beast) that is based in France will play the songs and dialogue in French.

As for food, churros are the must-eat-at Disneyland California but in Tokyo Disney, it’s Mickey and Minnie steam buns.

These are just a few subtle differences. 

Depending on what Disney location you’re at will showcase different characters more than others.

Milan is alive and present at Shanghai Disney more so than other parks.

disneyland for adults

Every Day is Oktoberfest

Where else in the world can you celebrate Oktoberfest every day?

Not even in Munich can you. Instead, you have to go to the land of Germany inside Epcot!

A traditional Bavarian band sings and plays all the classics as you raise your stein in celebration with them.


You Might Also Like: The Rookies Guide to Oktoberfest


disneyland for adults

Fashion is No Joke

From Dapper Day to inspired streetwear, rocking your Disney style is highly encouraged.

In fact, some fashion bloggers are solely Disney fashion influencers.

Check out these Disney inspired dresses before your next park visit. 

Still not convinced? That’s ok

disneyland for adults

There’s More than Just Theme Parks

Disneyworld has a whole other world outside the theme parks from golf courses, spas, Cirque du Soleil shows, fine dining, and more.

You can spend an entire week at Disneyworld and never step foot inside a theme park.

Disney Vacation Club offers cruise lines and resorts all around the World from the US to Australia.

Bet you didn’t know that?

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you purchase through these links, which helps me create even more great content. . . and buy pizza!

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