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Dreamville Tomorrowland

Heighten your Tomorrowland experience and camp in Dreamville! 

For those who have read my other festival posts, you know I believe with all my heart Tomorrowland is the best music festival around. Combine that with 4-days of Dreamville camping, you are sure to have an experience. I’m not saying it will be the best experience. It will be even better. Unforgettable in fact.

So how do you ensure you will have an unforgettable experience?

#1: You first need to know what to expect at Dreamville

#2: You then need to be prepared for the roughness that comes with camping (i.e. cost, packing needs, security, etc.)

Are you ready to learn more about life as a Dreamville citizen? Keep reading to find out what to expect at Dreamville and how to prepare for it.


dreamville tomorrowland check in

What does a day at Dreamville look like?

A day in Dreamville begins with waking up to a morning newspaper highlighting last nights wild events!

As you crawl out of your tent and walk to the showers, intercoms throughout Dreamville are broadcasting Tomorrowland Radioan exclusive festival radio station sharing live DJ sets and interviews.

Want to explore the neighborhood? Head to the market for grocery shopping, hookah lounges, beauty salons, and even an H&M clothing store. Just to name a few. 

Don’t bother taking your credit card out for Tomorrowland runs on its own currency. Instead, head to the Dreamville ATM to exchange cash in for Tomorrowland coins.

Dreamville also believes in morning exercise. Catch a yoga class to jump-start your day before heading into the festival.

dreamville tomorrowland spectacular easy tent

Accommodation: Dreamville Easy Tent

Should you bring your own tent or not?

Absolutely not! It’s a hassle and will most likely be flooded out by the rain.

Take the easy road when it comes to camping. I opted for the Dreamville Easy Tent. They set everything up for you. All you have to do is show up. Such a nice feeling. #noresponsibilities

Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the Spectacular Easy Tent.

It will hands down be the best decision you will make. Why?

By upgrading you will get a wooden plank floor for your tent to sit on. You will understand what I mean in a minute. See the full package details here.

How Are the Dreamville Showers?

My biggest con with Dreamville is that they close the showers too early (11 pm). By the time you come back from the festival, the showers will be closed. Assuming you stayed until the end.

For that, pack cleansing wipes, and ladies keep the makeup to a minimum. 

Full packing list below

Showers are purchased using Tomorrowland coins. For you early birds, they do offer a discounted rate (2 coins) if you shower between 6-8 am/pm.

Overall the Dreamville showers were as nice as they could be. By the end of the weekend they were filled with hair, so bring some shower flip-flops like these cheap Old Navy ones.

Outside the showers were sinks to be used all hours. The mirrors, however, were hardly mirrors. More like funhouse mirrors. If you don’t make it to the showers, prepare for a birdbath in the sink.

dreamville tomorrowland marketplace

Dreamville Camping Packing List

Depending on luggage space, I highly recommend you bring the following:

  • Raincoat or rain ponchos depending on your budget. At festivals, I usually opt for something I can recycle immediately following.
  • Rain boots will be a lifesaver. The ground gets too muddy. Trust me.
  • Collapsable trash bin will come in use if your tent is in a remote area. Well more remote compared to others. It will also keep everything in one place rather than dozens of mini plastic bags lying around with trash. This one zips at the top, so you won’t have to worry about stuff flying out should the wind pick up or it tip over.
  • Headlamp for getting around at night. I think you get the point. Keeps your arms free which I love.
  • A few cases or jugs of water & portable water bottles
  • Compact body towels are going to be much better than regular towels. These ones are lightweight and DRY FAST. It rains so you most likely wont want to leave your towel out to dry all night while you’re inside the festival, which means you’re most likely throwing it inside your tent. Problem is if the towel takes ages to dry your tent just gets muggier and you are left with a damp towel to dry off. I cringe at that thought. 
  • Clothesline to dry your clothes and towels (trust me you will get wet). When I was hanging out in Dreamville during the day I would also hang the clothesline for garments and towels. Then I would take down before heading into the festival.
  • Cleansing wipes in case the showers are closed. Even if you don’t plan to wear makeup, you will want to wipe the dirt off. Grab these cleansing wipes as a shower substitute if needed, or to keep fresh throughout the day.
  • Toilet paper 🙂 Although they kept the toilets so clean. I was amazed.
  • Portable Camping Mirror. The mirrors in the shower area are more like foggy funhouse mirrors. Forget it! Take this thin mirror with you to have in your tent. I used it to do my makeup and hair from the comforts of my Dreamville home.
  • Sunscreen is essential. My go-to is this cruelty-free coconut oil SPF 50 sunscreen by Alba Botanica. Long name for long-lasting sun protection!
  • Bug spray that doesn’t stink.
  • Portable charger this portable charge is tiny but powerful. You will have a full charge in less than an hour. Plus, they come in vibrant colors.
  • Foldable Trolley thingamabob

dreamville tomorrowland

Most Important Camping Tips

Bring tiny wheels because you will be walking

If I would have known beforehand how far the walk from the shuttle to my tent was going to be, I would have invested in a rolling bag or wagon. Similar to something like this. Bring a bag that rolls to help you carry the weight (i.e. cases of water).

Now I know many of you will be flying in. This trolley folds and can fit inside a large suitcase.

Get a locker to store valuables

Unless you want to walk around with your passport the entire time. I recommend renting a secured locker to keep valuables safe.

Lockers can be found all around Dreamville and inside the festival.

dreamville tomorrowland campsite

Prepare for it to rain AND pour

As a Vegas girl, I hardly know what rain boots are let alone own an umbrella. I was in for a surprise when the mini-tsunami broke out leaving me drenched. By the end of the weekend, my rain boots consisted of two trash bags tied around my feet. Learn from my mistake.

Pack rain boots, ponchos, extra body towels, and forget about doing your hair!

Prevent your tent being flooded out and upgrade

Remember those wooden floors I mentioned earlier? It was a lifesaver.

After the first rainfall, peoples tents were flooded. If you were around dirt, you had mud.

Having your tent propped up on wooden planks makes all the difference. Spectacular Easy Tent is the minimum you should go.

*2019 update*

In the last couple of years, Tomorrowland has made a better effort in preparing for rainy weather. More walking paths are now paved with wooden planks which is a huge improvement.

dreamville tomorrowland spectacular easy tent

Overall, What Are the Pros and Cons of Dreamville Camping?


  1. You are steps away from the festival. No need to jump on a shuttle and battle with parking.
  2. You get an extra day at the festival. Dreamville has its own pre-party known to feature big name DJ’s such as Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas.
  3. You are literally living in a mini city filled with shopping, dining, parlor shops, supermarkets, and even a daily Tomorrowland newspaper.
  4. Make deeper connections with fellow festival goers.


  1. Showers close too early.
  2. Poorly prepared for the rain.
  3. Dreamville supermarket sells out of essentials FAST and way overpriced.
  4. Minimal shade spots to escape the sun.

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Have you ever camped at a festival? How did you prepare for success? Share in the comment below!

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