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things to know about tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is one-of-a-kind – unlike any other music festival on the planet

…and YOU’RE about to be there experiencing the epicness first hand! I hope you’re dancing around in excitement right now!!

As for what a music festival is all about, Tomorrowland exceeds anyone’s expectations. Music is not just enjoyed by standing in front of a stage, but rather carried into the food, camping, and overall social experience!

You will understand what I mean in a minute.

Tomorrowland set the standard for all others to follow, earning them the rightful title of Best EDM Festival on the PLANET! I have to limit it to this planet only for we don’t know what other insane festivals are going on in other galaxies. Am I right?

Now, I know what you are thinking. How hard is it to get Tomorrowland tickets? 

Hard but not impossible. Keep reading to find out what Tomorrowland is all about and how to prepare.


tomorrowland belgium 2019


Tips to Buy Tomorrowland Tickets

Before the ticket sale, you have to decide if you will be camping in Dreamville, staying in a partner hotel or just passing by for a day.

Tomorrowland sells out faster than any other music festival. Belgium residents get a special pre-sale, leaving the rest of us to battle it out.

Here are the exact steps I took to increase the odds of getting tickets. As you know it worked out for me, which means you should follow these steps too.

Call your bank beforehand and let them know you will be making a large foreign purchase.

You don’t want your card to decline due to fraudulent suspicions. It happened to me. My advice is to call the number on your card and give them a heads up.

Turn off network access from all devices except for the one you are using to purchase tickets.

This will help speed up your network, therefore, increasing your chances of getting into the ticket shop. Anything helps right?

Once you click into the ticket portal you are 99.9% thrown into a waiting queue with specific instructions stating “do not refresh or lose your place in line”. Here is where the rebel in me kicked in.

30 minutes goes by. Nothing. An hour. Nothing. Slowly losing hope I decided to refresh on my cell phone. I felt like I had nothing to lose at this point. But the rave gods were looking over me and I found myself in the ticket shop. Ahhhhhh!


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Double check your Cart for correct quantity.

If you are purchasing Dreamville packages, keep in mind that most packages are priced for two people.

You will only need to select one quantity. Pay close attention to your quantities. If you mess up you will have to start all over again and risk being tossed back into the waiting queue. Yes, I also made that mistake.

Remember, any ticket is better than no ticket.

If you cannot get a three day, shoot for single day passes. We had friends who could not get a three-day pass so settled for single day passes on Friday and Saturday. Might not have been ideal, but at least they still got to enjoy some of the festival.

Besides, there will be TONS of people (most likely Belgians) selling passes outside the festival. That darn pre-sale perk!

tomorrowland belgium 2019

Ticket Add-Ons

Looking to crank up your Tomorrowland experience? Add-ons obviously add to the cost but are so worth it.

Add-ons change year-over-year, however, you can expect to have similar options. Here are a few of my favorite add-ons.

Restaurant Experiences

Have you ever been to a silent disco dessert party?

Now, imagine being sat at a table overlooking the Super You & Me stage.

Once seated you are greeted by headphones that tune into the live set before you. Shortly after, a chocolate turntable is personally delivered to you by a world-renowned pastry chef. The only thing left to do is kick back, eat, and enjoy the music.

That my friend is called a Silent Disco Dessert Party. Just one of many restaurant add-ons available.

Check out their Taste the World experiences here.

Booze Bags

Tomorrowland runs on its own currency system. Festival attendees purchase coins to be used to make purchases within the festival.

One add-on I recommend everyone purchasing is the Booze Bag. Plus, you get a discount on coins for purchasing in advance.

I recommend buying at least two booze bags. You will not be able to purchase these at the festival. Instead, they will have ATM-type machines where you can purchase coins. No discounts are given wah wah wah.

*2019 update below*

I’ve been told by readers on Reddit that Booze Bags are no longer offered at Tomorrowland. You can use your own credit and debit cards!! That is such a relief.

Lockers: Dreamville & Tomorrowland

Purchasing lockers in both Dreamville and Tomorrowland are a must!

You do not want to hike back to your tent every time you need something, and sure as heck don’t want to hold a million things.

That’s where purchasing a locker inside the festival comes in handy.

Store your rain gear and essentials for easy access. Trust me it will rain. Keep reading for my complete packing list.

tomorrowland belgium 2019

Cost of Tomorrowland

For the people in Europe who can drive to Tomorrowland, they have it made. Someone like me who flew there, I didn’t exactly have the equipment to haul a bunch of camping gear, food, coolers, etc. in. With that said, I probably spent way more than others.

Here was my average daily spending over 4 days not including tickets to the festival, Dreamville, and flight to get there. This was simply extra spending:

3 Meals/Day: $40 (Total $160)

Drinks/Day: $50 (Total $200)

Activities/Merchandise/Etc.: $30 (Total $120)



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tomorrowland belgium 2019

Dreamville Camping at Tomorrowland

Let me start by saying that I am a shower every night, hate bugs kind of girl and even I opted in for camping in Dreamville.

I felt it was half the experience, and experience it sure was.

There were many challenges to camping at Dreamville, as well as, many pros. So much it deserves its own post.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t do it again though. I ABSOfreakinLUTELY would!

tomorrowland belgium 2019

Things to do in Tomorrowland

Entering the festival is equivalent to entering a secret society. Excitements levels are through the roof for the reality of actually being at Tomorrowland hits you.

There is so much going on around you making it hard to focus on which direction to go. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your time.

tomorrowland belgium 2019

Don’t spend all your time at the main stage.

For the love of baby Jesus, explore. One great thing about EDM are DJs play other DJ’s music. You don’t have to be at a Tiesto set to hear Tiesto. So turn your focus away from the main stage.

In fact, don’t even look at the lineup. Walk to all the stages and give every DJ a chance to blow your mind. You will be surprised.

Even the smallest of stage can turn into the best experience like the picture above. This set was in a tunnel under a bridge.

tomorrowland belgium 2019

Participate in the activities.

Get a Tomorrowland tattoo, play a round of Poker, send a postcard, and more!

That is part of what makes this festival so special and unique. I know when you watched the Tomorrowland Aftermovie you were equally excited to watch people enjoying activities.

If you haven’t watched the Aftermovie, below is the latest.

tomorrowland belgium 2019

Accept that you will get dirty.

Between the rain and sweat, you will get dirty. Just accept it. Turn your focus towards the people you will meet, the music you will hear, and the fun you will have.

No one cares about what you look like here. Just that you are having a great time!

Tomorrowland Outfit Ideas

Tomorrowland Outfit Ideas

Over the course of 3 or 4 days depending on if you’re camping or not, here are some Tomorrowland outfit ideas to get you started. This was my packing list/fashion breakdown. I typically build a costume around a theme I’m feeling at the time.

Country Pride Day

American Flag. I am totally obsessed with this LED American Flag Net. When the lights go down ooohhhh you’re going to be looking like the 4th of July.

American Flag cross-body bag

High-waisted jean shorts

America tank top. I really like the ones sold on Etsy.

American Flag Body Suit

This sweater is too cute not to buy. For when you get cold at night and still trying to rep your country.

Flower Child (boho)

Tank romper with pockets

Bell-sleeved belly shirt with front tie

Tie Dye Two Piece

Steampunk Captain (colorful)

DIY Steampunk Captain Hat. I love a good fashion project and this Steampunk Captain hat is no exception. Whip out the glue gun and rhinestones and get to work.

Steampunk goggles

Holographic Body Suit

Black waterproof boots

After the festival, I highly encourage you to stick around and enjoy the rest of Belgium. A small country yet filled with so much culture.

So if you plan on sticking around after Tomorrowland here are a few things to do: enjoy staple foods – waffles, chocolate, and Belgian ales, visit the country’s capital, Brussels, or take a day trip to one of many charming towns such as Ghent or Bruges

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Still have more questions about Tomorrowland? Ask me by leaving a comment below!

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