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Hotel Napoleon Memphis

I had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Napoleon Memphis on a recent solo trip. It is downtown’s newest hotel near major attractions such as the famous Beale Street and Peabody Ducks. What you don’t know about the famous ducks? Check out my Memphis vlog for a glimpse at these royal ducks.

In this post, I’ll be giving you the GRAND TOUR of the Hotel Napoleon Memphis from my perspective. Keep reading for a closer look at my 3-night stay.

hotel napoleon memphis

Hotel Napoleon Memphis History

The ultra-modern Hotel Napoleon gets its name from Napoleon Hill who built this building in 1902. Officially known as Scimitar Building – a name given by Mr. Hill. It served as a newspaper publication until 1983.

Over many years, this historic building has been home to Memphis Light, Gas and Water before its recent renovation into Hotel Napoleon Memphis. Many aspects of this hotel pay respect to the rich history while bringing modern amenities and decor in the heart of downtown.

hotel napoleon memphis

Hotel Napoleon Memphis

Upon arrival I was greeted with a gorgeous lobby with luxury loungers, sleek fireplace, and grand ceiling with modern lighting fixtures. It was 100% my style. The check in process was easy. The staff was all very friendly and willing to help me with any questions about the city I had.

The entire hotel felt fresh and modern, yet cozy seeing as it’s a boutique hotel. I loved all the little details found throughout the property from velvet chairs to old fashioned telephones.

hotel napoleon memphis

hotel napoleon memphis

The Guest Room

The guest room was great and very spacious. You walk in and are immediately greeted by a large, well-lit bathroom. Walk in further to a huge king bed (that’s what I had) with floating shelves and tons of plugs. It’s such a relief to stay in a hotel that has visible outlets. No one wants to crawl under and behind bulky and often dusty furniture just to charge electronics.

Beds aside, there is a large tv with FULL DISH CABLE TELEVISION. I don’t even have cable at home. That being said, I took full advantage and caught a Sex and the City marathon hehe.

It’s not often I feel at home in a hotel room. One that makes me want to stay in for dinner and sprawl out over a television marathon. Like seriously, I unpacked everything hanging my clothes in the closet and shoes on the shelf. Who am I? Guess that’s what solo trips do to a gal.

hotel napoleon memphis

The bathroom was equally nice. Great shower and lighting! Sorry not sorry, but I judge a hotel room based on the bathroom lighting. I low-key have this theory that if a hotel room bathroom has crappy lighting, it probably was designed by someone who doesn’t spend much time getting ready in the bathroom. Do you have any strange theories of your own?

hotel napoleon memphis

Extra Amenities

The property has a fitness center, which I did not use and seriously needed to. You will also find a full-service restaurant and bar, Luna.


I ended up eating dinner here the first and last night and enjoyed both meals. It’s a simple menu with quesadilla and cheesesteak but that’s my kind of meal so I was pleased. The bar had local beer and my favorite, old fashion. Overall, a great spot for a quick meal.

Water Works

Free water in the lobby and $1 bottles of water for the go. After a hot day exploring outside, it was so nice to walk in and grab a cup of cold water. It’s the small things ya know? I appreciate the simple act of kindness from the hotel.

Overall, Hotel Napoleon Memphis is a great choice for accommodation. I clearly had a super relaxed time – feeling right home. I’m sure the same will go for you. Make sure to watch the video, read my Memphis travel guide and book your stay here.

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How does Hotel Napoleon measure up in your book? Comment with your thoughts below!

Thank you so much for Memphis Tourism and Hotel Napoleon for hosting my stay. Though sponsored all opinions are my own. Also, this post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) when you purchase through these links, which helps me keep my lights on and order pizza from Dominos! I am extremely grateful. Thank you.

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Hotel Napoleon Memphis