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Iceland packing list winter

Headed to Iceland in winter and not sure what to pack?

Let me first start by saying, “I’m so freakin excited for you!”. Iceland is going to be an unforgettable journey for you. You’re a lucky one.

Are you jumping with excitement right now? You should be.

So now it’s time to focus on what to pack for your Icelandic adventure. It’s going to be a cold one.

Iceland in winter brings all types of weather. Before you start throwing garments into a suitcase, take a moment to consider what you will need when hiking? Walking near waterfalls? And simply lasting in the bone-chilling temperatures?

On top of that, you’ll want to look stylish while still keeping warm, because let’s face it, it’s still vacation no matter how cold.

Here are all the pieces to take with you, giving you enough (practical) variety.


Iceland packing list winter

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Packing For Iceland: Warm Jackets & Cozy Sweaters

Down vest: Don’t let the word “vest” fool you. Keeping your chest covered may ward off getting cold. Plus, anything Down traps and retains heat making it a great insulator.

Parka: Specifically made to serve cold weather and fight against harsh winds. A parka is easily going to be one of your best investments for your trip.

Icelandic sweater: Rock this iconic sweater aka Lopapayse made with none other than Icelandic wool. Not only are they made with unique designs, we all know how cozy wool is. It’s a match made in winter heaven.

iceland packing list winter

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Packing for Iceland: Tops & Layering Tees

Ponchos: What is better than practically walking around in a socially acceptable blanket? At least that’s my opinion of ponchos. I love them, especially for their layering potential.

The plaid button-down: A fashion favorite easy to style for a night out or as an added, stylish layer.

Thermals: A winter trip savior! Need I say more?

Classic black & white layering tees: Perfect to wear under your down vest or over your thermal shirt.

iceland packing list winter

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Iceland Packing List: Bottoms

Demin: For days and nights in the town, jeans make for a great choice.

Waterproof Fleece Pants: Necessary to help you stay extra dry when out and about in the snow.

Windproof Hiking Pants: Nothing like a gust of wind through your clothes to send shivers down your spine. Fight the wind with some windproof pants. Throw some thermals underneath for added warmth.

iceland packing list winter

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Iceland Packing List: Best Winter Boots

Waterproof Boots: Walking through snow is inevitable, therefore waterproof boots are essential.

Hiking Boots: If hiking is going to be a part of your trip, which it will, you need solid hiking boots that will keep you warm and safe!

Warm, Walking Boots: These will be your most valuable shoes and most worn! So you want something comfortable.

during your Iceland road trip, make your first stop at the blue lagoon for relaxing and rejuvenating


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Iceland Packing: Hot Spring Essentials

Swimsuit: You can’t miss out on hot springs and the famous Blue Lagoon. Grab a color complimenting swimsuit!

Quick Drying Towel: It’s winter and cold and ain’t nobody got time to wait for their towel to dry.

P.S. make sure you brush up on your hot springs etiquette before dipping your toes in.

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary 7 Days starting in the popular city of Reykjavik

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Packing for Iceland: Accessories

Warm Beanie & Scarf: This is the perfect opportunity to spice up your winter attire with a pop of color or design on your beanie and scarf.

Inner & Outer Gloves: Yes you need both! Make sure your outer layer gloves have touchscreen capability for convenience.

Cabin/Wool Socks: Prepare to be amazed the moment you slide your foot into a cabin sock. The insides are so soft and cozy. Sure to keep you warm on all your winter trekking.

Yellow Backpack & Rain Cover: For those all-day excursions, a backpack is definitely needed to carry camera gear, snacks, water, etc. Of course, you won’t want valuables getting wet, so a rain cover will come in handy more than you think!

Hopefully, now you can breathe a feel better prepared for your winter trip to Iceland. Not only are you about to be warm and stylish, but your photos are also going to be equally incredible.

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What item stuck out the most to you on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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