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Are you spread too thin on time and/or money for a long vacation? Why not look in your own city? To be honest, most people take where they live for granted and often times fail to explore it. Rather than sitting at home with travel blues, turn to your own backyard to provide you with some fun travel opportunities. Plan a staycation!

Now I know what you are thinking. You’re a “local”. You know everything there is to know about your city because that’s what comes with being a local. How much of that statement is true though? I guarantee there is something going on in your town you have yet to experience. This is a good thing, people!

Here is how to plan a staycation you will ACTUALLY enjoy!

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exploring my city during a staycation

So many beautiful places in my own backyard

Reasons to have a staycation

Before we get into planning the staycation, here are a few reasons and benefits to having a staycation.

Less travel time

Very helpful for those not looking to use a lot of paid time off (PTO). There is no wasted travel day. Did I mention you can’t suffer from delayed flights?!

Stress less, relax longer

Everyone has been on that vacation. You know the one that is truly draining. You are going and going, even the energizer bunny can’t keep up. Staycations offer a slower pace meaning less stress and more relaxing.

Saving money (travel costs)

Obviously this is the biggest benefit here, especially if you have kids. Summer vacations can get expensive when paying for the whole family. I don’t know how you do it. I can barely keep myself alive honestly. If I was a parent, my children would only know staycations haha.

It reminds you to appreciate where you come from

Not all eye-opening experiences happen far from home. Sometimes you can enjoy cultural experiences and learn to appreciate new things right where you came from.

having a staycation at the Paris hotel and casino las vegas

Checking in to a local hotel for a staycation

How to Plan Your Staycation

First determine your staycation purpose. Are you looking to rejuvenate, relax, party, or a little bit of everything? From there, plan an itinerary according to your staycation purpose. Maybe that entails booking a spa day or getting tickets to a local show or concert.

Make a “never have I ever” list, or as I like to call it, a “local bucket list”. Take your top choices and add them to the itinerary. Do some research if you are needing a bit of inspiration for your list.

Research local tourism websites, billboards, magazines, etc. and see what they are advertising to tourists. What are the best things being marketed to attract visitors? You can also read Trip Advisor reviews of people who have visited. Where did they enjoy themselves?

If you’re playing tourist, research like one.

Pick a side of town you don’t frequent often. Not knowing every street and maybe even having to use google maps is a little mind trick to get you out of your comfort zone. Something experienced when traveling to new places.

pool day at foxtail pool inside SLS

Lounging at the cabana during my staycation

What to do during your staycation

Make it a priority to socialize with other visitors.

Speaking to people from other places and sharing stories is exciting. It drifts your mind away from where you actually are. If you are planning this with your significant other, be sure to follow my couples’ travel do’s and don’ts. The same rules apply on staycations.

I’m in my opinion planning a staycation and a date night are two different things. Date nights, you eat at a new restaurant or see a movie. On the other hand, Staycations are “what would a tourist do here?” type of attitude. You make bigger, longer duration plans.

Take photos just as if you were on vacation anywhere else.

Photos are memories. Staycations should be remembered just like any other trip. Bring the camera and have fun snapping away.

Buy a new outfit.

I don’t often shop for new clothes, but every once in awhile it’s necessary to get a fresh look and rock the town. That’s probably why people shop for new clothes before vacations. To have a sense of new, fresh self.

Mentally check out from the rest of the world.

Don’t answer phone calls, check emails or anything else you would do at home. Trick yourself into thinking home is further than a quick car ride away. Be present in the moment.

Still needing some inspiration on staycation ideas?

Enjoying the Bellagio fountains on my staycation

Playing tourist in my own city!

Here are 8 Staycation Ideas that Don’t Suck

Pitch a tent in your own backyard.

Not only is this a great way to save money, but is really fun. One of my favorite memories with my cousin was when we camped out in the motor home for a night. We had so much fun staying up late telling stories, sharing laughs, dancing to our favorite songs, and eating tubs of ice cream.

Book a night at a local resort and have a spa day.

Everyone can use a long relaxing day at the spa. Pamper yourself with facial, messages, and a long soak in the hot tub.

Visit all your cities “must see’s”.

Remember that local bucket list I was talking about earlier? Why don’t you start crossing some off your list? You might even find a new appreciation for your town.

Go on a tour and learn fun facts about your city.

I absolutely love walking tours and always take advantage of free ones when traveling. However, I have yet to experience one in my own city. See what types of fun tours are offered in your city and join them. Museums are also great to check out.

See a show.

Are there any theater shows or concerts coming to your city? Plan a night out at a new show. I always like to book a hotel room for the added effect of being away from home.

Jump to the next town over.

Las Vegas is by far the most exciting city in Nevada, but surrounding Vegas, we have Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas, Colorado River, and Mount Charleston. All enough to give you that change of scenery. Look and see what the neighboring town has to offer and take advantage of it.

Hop on a little cruise.

Do you live near a lake, ocean, or river? See what types of activities are offered and take part.

Play Groupon Getaway Roulette.

Sometimes you don’t want to have to think about plans. That or you don’t like making plans. So why not make a fun game and play Groupon Roulette. See what activities are in your city and give one a try without question.

All-in-all I think one day is 100% doable. You obviously won’t see everything the Twin Cities has to offer, but enough for a good time and a day worth of memories. Keep this twin city bucket list with you and hopefully visit when it’s a bit warmer. Add a little warmth to the equation and you too might turn into one jolly cheese curd – Dontcha know?

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When’s the last time you’ve had a staycation? Would you recommend it? Share in the comments below!

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