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best beer gardens in prague

Looking for the perfect beer garden in Prague? Look no further.

When the weather is good, Czechs will make no excuse to step outside and have a drink or two, or three or four.

As soon as cold days pass, you will find locals and visitors alike outside drinking at one of these three beer gardens.

Actually, who am I kidding?

You can find events happening at these Beer Gardens all year round.

Here are the best outdoor drinking spots in Prague, Czech Republic

best beer gardens in Prague

Letna Beer Garden (Prague 7)

Views! Views! Views! This beer garden in Letna is situated on top of a hill overlooking the entire city of Prague.

Come grab a seat at their many picnic tables, sip on a cold beer or wine, and admire the views.

Beer and wine run from 21 CZK to 35 CZK. The park also offers walking paths, grass fields, and areas to play a variety of sports such as basketball and tennis.

If you get hungry, stop by Fraktal for some delicious meals, or weekend brunch!

Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden (Prague 2)

Riegrovy Sady is a smaller beer garden but still very nice with a few more domestic and international beer choices.

Although a little more expensive than Letna Beer Garden, it is still reasonable with beers running around 40 CZK.

You will quickly notice all the dogs running around enjoying the nice weather too.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t make a few furry friends during my time at Riegrovy Sady.

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Naplavka is one of the best beer gardens in Prague


Naplavka (Prague 2)

Stroll through Naplavka by day, and party by night. Naplavka is the Czech’s version of a beachside party.

At night people flock to Naplavka bringing with them, bottles of beer and wine to sit alongside the river and chat away.

Be sure to step onto one of many houseboats turned into bars serving food and drinks with live music playing in the background.

Planning an upcoming trip to Prague?

Check out for a list of upcoming events. They have everything going on from blind taste testings to fermenting conferences.

What do you think of these beer gardens? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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best beer gardens in prague