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I drive everywhere, always.

I love it. In a way it’s relaxing. Other times it is so much fun. Embarking on the open road with friends, making memories. Yet, the only reason I take road trips so frequently is that I picked the right vehicle.

I mean, who wants to drive for hours in uncomfortable seats, poor AC and a stereo from the prehistoric times? I wouldn’t. Choosing the right vehicle for your travel needs is something that takes careful consideration.

I bought my crossover last year with the intent of traveling, so when I was shopping I made sure to check for these following essential things. This post is going to cover purchasing a vehicle, not renting. If you’re looking to rent, here 19 tips to finding a cheap rental car.

When selecting your road trip vehicle, make sure to look for the following. . .

using to find the best cars for road trips

Good Gas Mileage

As obvious as this may seem, many people often overlook it. Sure driving is usually cheaper than flying. Yet, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about gas mileage. You can never save too much money am I right?

Choosing a vehicle that gets quality miles per gallon is essential for any road trip. Even more so on those long, desolate desert roads.


Ahh yes, the bells and whistles that make the drive all the more pleasurable! Ever been on a road trip you couldn’t wait to end? Maybe the drive was stuffy or uncomfortable. That just tells me you picked the wrong car.

Road trips = more time sitting in the car, therefore you got to be comfortable. After all, the journey is half the fun. To ensure maximum road trip fun for not only you but your passengers look for these features.


Once upon a time front seats had limited range of motion. Now, they can go forward, back, up, and down in multiple spots. It’s like having a La-Z-Boy as a driver seat. For a short 5’4″ girl like myself, being able to sit high enough to see over my engine hood is crucial.

As if that wasn’t good enough, you can get seat warmers (for those winter road trips), and bucket style seating so soft it’s like I’m lounging on my couch. OK now you understand why I love driving!

Quality sound system

C’mon, we all know half the fun of road trips is singing along to all your favorite tunes! With that said, you 100% need a quality sound system. 

You should also look for AUX inputs and Bluetooth capabilities for when you take turns playing DJ. Bluetooth capability is also a huge safety feature that I will discuss in just a bit.

Air conditioning

You got to have it. End of story. Unless your road trip is going to be 74 degrees from start to finish then AC or NO deal.

Cruise control

It wasn’t until my new car that I discovered this cruise control everyone keeps ranting and raving about. Boy were they right. Once you’re on the long stretch of open road, it’s so nice to adjust the cruise control and give your foot a break.

To kick it up a notch, some cars offer adaptive cruise control meaning it will automatically reduce the speed if it approaches another vehicle too quickly.

Audi makes the best cars for road trips


Of course, I’m saving the most important for last. Safety on the road is a top priority. These features take the stress out of driving replaces it with peace of mine. When looking for your perfect road trip vehicle, be sure to select one with these safety features.

Beeping Seat Belts

We all hate that annoying beep when you don’t have your seatbelt on within the first 10 seconds. Even more so for hours on end. One thing I love about my car is it beeps even if the passengers in the back don’t have their seatbelt on. Having a seat belt reminder is a life saver.

Backup Camera

Pretty common in newer cars and for good reason. Having another set of eyes never hurt anyone. What I love about backup cameras is that they even warn you if a pedestrian is approaching. It’s crazy to think we once had to do almost a full 180 just to back up.

Automatic Lights

Maybe you don’t struggle with remembering to turn on your lights at night, but I did with my old car. Even more so in the hour when it’s not entirely dark but still hard to see. Having automatic lights means one less thing to worry about.

Bluetooth Capability / Hands-Free

A car without this feature is for sure a deal breaker for me. With mobile devices being practically glued to our sides, having a car that allows you to answer the phone and play music on voice command without ever having to remove your hands from the steering wheel is basically magic in my eyes.

tips on finding the best cars for a road trip

Pre-Road Trip Tips

Before heading out on your road trip, make sure to complete the following to ensure safety. Think of these as proactive safety precautions.

Get an oil change

Calculate how many miles until you are due for an oil change. If you are going to be driving more than that number, get your oil change taken care of before you go.

Check your tires

Before every road trip, make sure your tire pressure is good. Also rotate your tires, especially on long road trips. This will keep your vehicle properly balanced, as well as, identify any tire damage beforehand.

Check your seat belts

We all know being on the road longer puts you at higher risk of being in an accident (your fault or not). Having a proper working seat belt is imperative to you and your passenger’s safety, especially infants. Find out more on

Things to Bring On Your Road Trip

What do you look for in a road trip car? Share in the comments below!

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