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rose gold disney outfits for adults

Rose Gold is taking over Disney. Are we really mad about it? Here are some inspiring rose gold Disney outfit ideas for your next visit to the happiest place on earth.

Disney answered our prayers for more Rose Gold because let’s face it, it’s da bomb! The color is pure perfection and I can never get enough of it.

Mix that with 99% certainty you’re a long-lost princess from a faraway place, and you’re all set to run around Disneyland like the Rose Gold loving Princess you are.

I wonder how many times I can say Rose Gold in this post?


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Now I’m curious what would your princess name be?

Mine would be Princess Judkins. Actually, it would be Queen Judkins. Hmm…now I’m rethinking the name of this post. Queendom does have a nice ring to it. But for now, I will continue the Rose Gold Disney craze.

If you have a particular interest in mind feel free to navigate using the table of contents below, however, I recommend you look through everything.

I call it digital window shopping. A thing I just made up haha.


rose gold disney outfits for adults


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Rose Gold Disney Outfits (Shirts & Skirts)


Rose Gold Spirit Jersey: This is the shirt EVERYONE and their mom is after. Why not join in and grab one for yourself. It’s the perfect cozy pull-over long sleeve that can easily be tied around your waist, or worn to make all the Disney mom’s jelly.

You may even be afraid to wear it in fear of wearing it out because it’s so cute and you want it to last forever.

Am I the only one with these unnecessary fears?

I just want to stare at it with a grateful heart that I own this adorable rose gold spirit jersey. Throw on some ears, jeans, and white converse and oooohhh you be lookin’ like the darling millennial princess you are.

Off the Shoulder Blouse: I love this blouse. It was my go-to summer shirt, only I had it in blue. I just recently bought it in pink because it fits so nicely. If you are looking to dress up your Disneyland look, I cannot recommend this blouse enough. You can see me wearing it in this post.

Drinkerbell Tank Top (aka my personal favorite): Yup this shirt is awesome. I love a bad-girl Disney shirt. Think of yourself as that rebellious Disney princess.

Beauty & the Beast Rose Gold Fitted T-shirt: I recommend wearing this with the rose gold pleated skirt (see below), sneakers, and ears. It’s such a classic Disney look, which I also love.


Rose Gold Pleated Skirt: I love how airy and flowy this skirt i. Makes walking around fun because you look like an actual Princess. Wait, you ARE! On a practical note, this skirt is long enough to wear on rides and flip you and shake you.

White Overall Dress: Overalls are back and make for the cutest Disney look. I recommend wearing them over your spirit jersey.

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Rose Gold Shoes

Rose Gold New Balance Sneakers: I’m slowly starting to like sneakers in my casual daily look. The new balance sneakers are super comfy and cute. Wear them with your skirt, jeans, or overalls.

Metallic Rose Gold Fashion Sneakers: These platform fashion sneakers from Steve Madden are the perfect slip-on shoe with removable insoles. Have you caught on by now that I love shiny things? I have a feeling you do too!

Check out this post for more cute and comfy Disney shoes.

Rose Gold Disney Backpack

Loungefly Minnie Mouse Backpack: A must! This adorable backpack is covered in rose gold sequins with two Minnie ears sticking out from the top. No wonder it’s selling like hotcakes!

Rose Gold Fannypack: This holographic fanny pack rests nicely around your waist for easy access. It’s lightweight and perfect for running around the park all day.

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Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Can you even go to Disneyland parks anymore without ears? From baby for grown men, collecting Mickey and Minnie ears are a serious hobby – rose gold ears being no exception to the must-have collection.

Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Ears

Minnie Mouse Silver & Rose Gold Ears

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Rose Gold Disney Inspired Jewelry & Accessories

Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Necklace: I have this in all silver and looove it! I wear it pretty much with everything. It’s affordable and light for long hour wear.

With the holidays around the corner, this necklace and earring set also makes for the perfect stocking-stuffer.

Minnie Mouse Shaped Stud Earrings: Some people like diamond rings and some like diamond-shaped Mickey earrings plated in rose gold.

Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Disney Rose Earrings: aka I need I want! Enjoy the finer things in princess life with these GORGEOUS earrings. Make sure to grab the matching pendant necklace (see next item).

Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Disney Rose Pendant: pair this with matching earrings and display your love for Belle and the classic story we all know and love.

Mickey Mouse Rose Gold Watch: Watch out Michael Kors, this rose gold watch has you beat! For anyone who loves Mickey, Rose Gold, and looking fashionably great, this watch is the perfect accessory.


Mickey Mouse Ring Stand Holder for Cell Phone: These shiny (and sticky) holders are the perfect phone accessory. You will literally be representing your rose gold Disney pride from head to cell phone!

Rose Gold Holographic Nail Polish: For those who don’t know, all my beauty products are cruelty-free. While more companies and products are turning cruelty free it’s still a hunt to find great products and options. I was thrilled to find this holographic nail polish that is, you guessed it, cruelty-free.

This nail polish is INTENSE on the sparkle game and a must for you princess diva. ILNP is the brand and they make tons of amazing nail polish. I generally will take my bottle to the nail salon and have them paint my nails for me.

I will forever love Disney. The magic and fun that can still be enjoyed even as an adult. Let this post be a reminder to never grow up. So throw on some rose gold and head to the park.

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So tell me, are you a Rose Gold Loving Princess? If you want to see more Disney posts then leave a comment below!

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rose gold disney outfits for adults