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SLS Hotel Las Vegas review

Keeping up with all the glitz and glam of Las Vegas can get expensive.

You want to stay on the strip, but find many of the hotels to be over priced or plain dumpy.

So, why not look to the north side of the strip at the SLS Hotel and Casino?

From swanky lounges to hotel rooms that are a work of art in and of itself.

It is by far the best value for your money when it comes to hotels on the strip. Not to mention super chic!

Although I have explored so much around my hometown, I always return to my select favorites – SLS Hotel and Casino being one of them.

Hopefully you have read my last post on staycations and how much fun they can actually be! If not read it here.

Whenever in my travel blues, I plan a staycation for a quick adventure boost.

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Before you throw your money at large casinos giving you a less intimate experience, book your next stay at SLS – the best boutique resort on the Strip.

Keep reading for the full review SLS hotel Las Vegas Review


SLS Hotel Las Vegas Review

Main casino floor.

The Property

How far is the SLS Las Vegas hotel from the Strip? SLS is actually located on the north side of the strip standing where the historic Sahara Hotel and Casino once was. So to answer your question, it’s on it.

What may typically be referred to as the “less popular” side of the strip actually holds the most history.

You are not only closer to downtown (aka Old Vegas), but find less traffic congestion, and monorail access to the rest of the strip.

The best part? You are getting central location and awesome new amenities without paying the hefty price.

Talk about value for your money.

What I love about this property is their modern, luxury decor that still pays respect to the past.

The black and hot pink splashed carpet alone pays tribute to the greats like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and even the old Sahara sign.

Walk inside and on to a giant floor modeling disco days with giant squares changing colors beneath your feet and surrounding mirrors making it almost necessary to start a soul train.

Of course this is a casino so you have an entire casino floor ready to give you loads of cash. They have all your favorite table and slot games including a high limit area and poker room.

I don’t personally gamble, but never mind getting free drinks while watching my boyfriend play!

SLS Hotel Las Vegas Review

Pink (Standard) Rooms at the World Tower


What attracts me to SLS more than anything is their rooms. I love the quirkiness and chic glamour of the decor. One can never go wrong with pink rooms, giant light up mirrors, comfy bed, and a shower with the best water pressure in town.

It’s a great room and this is just the standard. The suites are even better with large lounging areas, bigger closets, and wet bar.

The property has two towers: the World Tower and the Story Tower. The World tower is geared more towards an elegant, drink champagne kind of night. These are where the pink rooms are as I like to say (picture shown above).

The Story Tower delivers a more swanky, let’s have an old fashion kind of vibe. Both are equally stunning, so you can never go wrong in either tower.

SLS Hotel Las Vegas Review

SLS clearly gives a new meaning to swanky bars

Food & Drink

SLS offers a wide-array of dining options. You have Sushi, Greek, American, Italian, 24 Diner, and one of the most unique dine dining experiences in town, Bizare Meats. Make sure to pay a visit to one or all of these favorites of mine:

Breakfast: The Perq

If you’re a caffeine addict who needs coffee stat in the am, the Perq is open to offer you mouth watering pastries complimented with gourmet coffee, and large tables to spread out on should you need to get work done.

Lunch: 800 Degrees Pizza

Let your creative appetite run wild at 800 Degrees Pizza. They offer customization and savory pizza with any topping of your liking. Perfect for a quick bite to go before heading out on mid-day excursions.

Dinner: Bizarre Meats

Not only is Bizarre Meats a top Steakhouse in America, it’s quite the social experience. Award wining chef, Jose Andre takes everything you knew about fine dining and throws it out the window. Come for a seductive, wild ride meant to challenge how you see and enjoy food.

Advance reservations are highly recommended as this is an upscale restaurant.

Late Night Grub: Northside Cafe & Chinese Kitchen

Basically everything on the menu is great. A personal favorite is the Philly Cheesesteak. They recently added a full Chinese food to their menu which has delicious orange chicken – though I will admit the fried rice could have been more “fried ricey”. A new word I just made up.

Swankiest Bar: The Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar offers intimate vibes with exclusive crafted cocktails. Who would have known it to technically be a lobby bar. The next best bar to grab a drink is at the center bar.

Grab a drink in the center of all the casino action. Both are my favorite spots to see and be seen at the SLS.

SLS Hotel Las Vegas Review

Foxtail pool at SLS


SLS has enough options to keep you entertained all day and night. Their amazing pool filled with cabanas, a center bar, and the cutest pin-stripped walls. You know I love a good backdrop with tons of color. Hence why the pool is awesome.

The picture you see above was taken at Foxtail Pool but soon, SLS will house three pools in total: Foxtail, Retro Pool Lounge, and Grand Pool.

The Retro Pool lounge will be an open air rooftop pool offering party vibes and incredible views overlooking Las Vegas Blvd.

The Grand Pool will be equally just as grand (get it). The art murals look incredible. Guess I’ll be having another staycation this summer.

Aside from my dream pool, they have a state of the art spa perfect for rejuvenating (Away Spa), a fitness center, concert hall (The Foundry), and two different night clubs (The Foundry and Sayers Club). Oh, I forgot to mention the patio beer garden which is kept cool in the hot summer with misters.

How amazing that a boutique property on the strip can offer big resort entertainment? They have everything you need in one spot.

When it comes to picking a hotel, Vegas has more hotel options than buffets.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes having too many options makes me want to throw the towel and call it quits. That’s why I personally stay away from sandwich shops.

I wouldn’t want you to feel stressed when planning your trip. That’s why you should book your stay with SLS and be on to the next step on your trip planning to do – like maybe deciding on what to pack?

Additional Information:

Location: 2535 S. Las Vegas BLVD. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Price: $$

Click here to book your stay!

Well that officially concludes the SLS Hotel Las Vegas review. After writing this, I got to thinking about deal-breakers and what they would be for hotels.

Having stayed in my fair share of terrible hotels and hostels, I don’t generally expect much.

If I had to narrow it down I would say my hotel deal-breakers are too high of price and poor shower drainage. Yup!

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What do you think of this hotel? Would you stay here?! Let me know in the comments below!

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SLS Hotel Las Vegas Review