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Slytherin Inspired Outfits

Which of these traits best describes Slytherin house?

A) Humble

B) Popularity

C) Ambition

D) Creativity

If you answered “C” then congrats, you are a Slytherin and this post is 100% for you.

In fact, it’s a requirement, especially if you plan on visiting the wizarding world anytime soon.

All other houses can feel free to exit here.

Just kidding! You can stay and sulk in jealousy that we got some fire outfits to rock at Harry Potter World.

Whew, the sass is strong today.

But real talk. . . .

If you’re looking for Slytherin inspired outfits, or simply need to know how to dress like a Slytherin, then prepare your wallets for what’s to come.

Slytherin Inspired Outfits

Visiting Hogwarts

[wpcsp id=5474]

Slytherin T-Shirts

Wear your crest proudly on your chest.

You can also check out this shirt.

Pleated Skirt

Complement your top with a green and black pleated skirt.

You can also check out this pleated skirt with attached suspenders.

Slytherin Sneakers

Yes! These high top sneakers are everything. Gives the entire outfit that rebellious, Slytherin edge.

Knee-High Socks

Of course, you need socks with your shoes.

Slytherin Headband

Complete your school uniform with a nice headband.

Slytherin Cardigan

Throw your cardigan over your top to complete that school girl look. Plus it gives a classy touch.

School Crest Dress

Switch up your school wardrobe with a classic black dress, embroidered with the Hogwarts school crest.

Slytherin Backpack

How else are you going to store away your Defense against the Dark Arts books? Those things are heavy.

Slytherin Inspired Outfits

Dinner & Drinks at Leaky Cauldron

[wpcsp id=5480]

Skater Dress

In the Wizarding World, this would be considered your “little black dress”.

Green Cocktail Dress

Got a hot date at the Leaky Cauldron? Slip into this gorgeous dress, sure to draw the attention of, well, everyone!

Slytherin High-waisted Skirt

I just love how badass this skirt is. Wear this black one-piece under it and be the hottest gal at Hog’s Head.

Slytherin Flats

These comfy flats are perfect for those long nights out on the town.

Hogwarts Letter Clutch

Perfect for carrying only the essentials, or when you want to brag that you finally got your acceptance letter.

Hogwarts Express Crossbody

I personally love crossbody bags. Keeps my hands free and still gives an extra flair to the overall look.

Slytherin Inspired Outfits

Slytherin Inspired Outfits for Winter Time

[wpcsp id=5482]

Slytherin Infinity Scarf

When you want to jazz up your scarf game.

Slytherin Patch Knit Scarf

For the more traditional scarf lover.

Slytherin Beanie

Got to keep those ears warm somehow. Might as well be this awesome beanie.

Slytherin Alumni Sweater

When you graduated from Hogwarts but still need to represent.

Slytherin Christmas Sweater

This is especially a must if you plan on visiting Harry Potter World over Christmas.

Slytherin Men’s Sweater

Hey, we got something for the fellas right here! A Slytherin must always be with another Slytherin. How else are we to keep the bloodline pure?

Slytherin Inspired Outfits

Totally Necessary Accessories

[wpcsp id=5484]

Slytherin Popsocket

This is the most necessary of all the necessary accessories.

Slytherin Phone Case

Second in line is the phone case. We bring our phones everywhere which makes it prime real estate for representing your house.

Slytherin Bow

Great alternative to the headband. I usually prefer the bow. Sometimes the headband can start to hurt after long hours.

Muggle Pin

All the yes to this pin!

Slytherin Bracelet

Your soon to be most important piece of jewelry.

Quidditch Hat

This hat is great for casual wear when shopping in Diagon Alley. Don’t you agree? It’s the new age hipster wizard look.

By now you should have a good sense of how to dress like a Slytherin and are ready for the Wizarding World.

Enjoy your time representing the greatest house ever!

For added pleasure, enjoy this video from The Bakeey on why being Slytherin is great!


What Hogwarts house are you in? Share in the comments below! Or, if you just love being a Slytherin!

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