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As we crawl out of a season of unusual events, it’s time for a pick me up!! I know I have been lounging in sweat pants for far too long and a little self-love is long overdue.

So today you’re getting ready with me. I couldn’t be more excited to share these goodies with you. It’s the little things that go a long way, so without further ado let’s get ready!!

Start Your Day with Radiant Skin

Vitamin C is the first thing I apply on a fresh face every morning. It’s great for balancing and brightening skin pigmentation and shielding skin against pollution, fatigue, and stress.

What I love about Vichy’s LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti-Aging Ampoule Serum is you get 10% pure Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid which helps nourish and plump skin (psst. less visible wrinkles), and plant-based Phyto Peptides which work to reduce collagen loss.

It’s a great formula with results after the first use!

As with any skincare product, I do recommend using for at least one month to give your skin time to adapt and show greater results.

Give Yourself A Clean, Bold Look with Erin’s Faces

Just as you read the nutrition facts for food, you should also read the ingredients on your makeup. Love your skin and use clean products.

Erin’s Faces partnered with Encha Organic Matcha, the gold standard for matcha to release the long-awaited Matcha Mascara.

Her mission was to develop a clean formula that gives you great length and volume. Matcha is used to strengthen hair and plant-based fibers to lengthen lashes.

I love that even the tube is recycled glass. It’s good and clean from the inside out.

Shut the door! Their tinted lip balm is a-MAY-zing!!

This Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm smoothes with organic castor seed oil and beeswax. It also uses mineral pigments instead of dyes to give you the perfect sheer tint.

You can shop for these items and more at Use code SPRINGTIME10 for 10% off now until May 31. 

Let Your Nails Pop with OPI

With all the clean goodies on your face, give your nails a bright pop with OPI. To my, nails are another accessory. Another opportunity to let your style show. Colorful nails make me happy.

OPI is the #1 salon brand nail polish around the world. Bring the salon to you and give your nails a fresh coat of paint.

Their fast-drying formula will keep you moving along with your day without the worry of chipped paint. I painted my nails two days ago and have since cleaned the house and wrote an entire blog post. There is not one chip at the end of my nail. WOAH!

OPI Nail Lacquer is available in 200+ shades. What’s your perfect Spring season shade?

Trade Slippers for REEF

Are we feeling good now or what?! Daily walks around the neighborhood and essential shopping means an opportunity to flaunt your refreshed look. At least that’s what it means to me.

My Spring essentials undoubtedly include new shoes. I am pleased to announce I traded my house slippers for footwear by REEF.

REEF has always made quality shoes, but I forgot how cushiony they are especially the Cushion Sols.

These classic T-strap sandals pair with any look. The high rebound sol bounce with every step for long-lasting comfort throughout the day.

As someone who is considered flat-footed, I love the arch support I get with the Escape Mule TX. I recently went car shopping, and as you know it, is an all-day hunt. I wore these mules and my feet felt great all day.

No complaints here.

I especially love the fabric pattern that hugs my foot nicely.

Dress your glowing self and step into Spring with REEF.

Be Ready for Anything with Nano Hand Sanitizer

The newest addition in my purse is Nano Hand Sanitizer from Infinite CBD. This heavy-duty formula is made to reach the maximum surface area and eliminate as many germs as possible.

Do your part to stop the spread of illness and utilize this spray between daily interactions.

Shop through my referral link and get 20% off your order. 

Protect Your Eyes

As someone who works from home, I’m on my computer and cell phone for hours a day. Even in my downtime, I’m finding my entertainment online. As a result, my eyes suffer.

Rather than keeping my laptop on night mode (doesn’t work for editing photos), I wear Zenni Eyewear Blue Light Glasses.

The frames are thick so I know they will last. I also love the variety of shapes, colors, and prints you can find at affordable prices. These are my second pair of Zenni lenses. I now have indoor and outdoor glasses.

A Happy Hour to Celebrate You

Whether I’m juicing or sipping on wine, I obviously need the perfect cup to house my tasty beverage. Swig Life has me covered with their Skinny Can Cooler and Stemless Wine Cup.

Both keep my drinks cold for hours and come in vibrant designs for added happiness.

Get a 10% discount that will be automatically applied at checkout through this link

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Post Dinner Snack

As you unwind from the day, pick up a bag of CBD gummies from Infinite CBD for an evening snack. I prefer CBD snacks at the end of the day, especially after dinner when I get a sweet tooth. I’ve tried both the regular and sour Asteroid CBD gummies. The flavors are great!

Shop through my referral link and get 20% off your order. 

I hope you enjoyed getting ready with me today! Springtime is the best time for a pick me up. Shine on girl!

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