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30 best things to do in prague

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So you’re headed to Prague for the first time and have no idea what to do. You’ve come to the right place. 

Prague is a medieval time capsule located smack down in the center of Europe.

After finally breaking free from mommy dearest (aka Communist rule) in 1989, Prague has been on a non-stop climb to the top; showing the world all the excitement, culture, and beauty they’ve been missing.

Take this guide with you so you can complete all the wonderful things Prague has to offer.

waving czech republic flag at prague castle

1 point for capturing flag at full wave!

Useful Information

Currency: Czech Koruna (which translates to Crown in English)

Language: Czech People speak Czech. Not Russian so please don’t be “that guy”

Speaking of language. Here are a few helpful phrases:

Beer: pivo
Cheer: Na Zdravi
Thank you: Dekuji
Hello: Dobrey Den
Please: Prosim
Restroom: Toaleta

A few don’ts

  • Don’t go to a club on a Monday or Tuesday. It’s a waste of time. If you’re looking to party with the local crowd then go on a Thursday night. Wednesday-Sunday are the partying days, although by Saturday most people are too hung over to go out; therefore, Thursday is a perfect clubbing day.
  • Don’t say Czechoslovakia. It’s Czech Republic and has been for some time now.
  • Don’t call the Czech language Russian. Many Czech people don’t even like the Russians. Yes, they are both of Slavic nature, but Czech people are proud of their country, language, and Central European location, so don’t compare them to Russians.
  • Don’t wear your shoes into a Czech person’s home. They will sometimes offer you slippers to change into, but if not your socks are fine.
visiting old town square during first time visit to Prague

The famous Old Town Square. Yes, they even had a jousting match occurring when I was last there.

Getting around Prague

Like most European cities, Prague is well equipped with rails, trams, subways, and buses to make getting around quick and easy. Uber is also very popular there and safe. I personally used Uber all the time.

A few helpful apps to help you get around are – Google Maps and 2GIS. Both can be used offline.


Prague is divided into 10 districts. Prague 1-10 with Prague 1 being the most popular for visitors (aka the touristy area).

My personal favorites are Prague 2 and 7.

Prague 2 is a beautiful neighborhood filled with dozens of shops, amazing restaurants, and one of the best beer gardens in Prague – Riegrovy Sady. Not to mention a local hot spot along the Vltava River known as Naplavka.

Prague off the Map is a great resource for learning what every neighborhood has to offer. Check out their site here.

Now that you are equipped with some tips and facts, here are 30 things to do in Prague for first time (or multiple time) visitors:

visiting prague for the first time

Breakfast at James Dean for the win. Ok, more like bottomless mimosas for the win.

Food & Drink

#1) Breakfast at James Dean

This place resembles an old fashion American diner decorated with Marilyn Monroe and obviously James Dean. Located in the middle of Old Town and Jewish Quarter.

I recommend coming for brunch to enjoy mimosas made with their freshly squeezed in-house orange juice. Then sit back and enjoy the jukebox play all the classics we love.

#2) Drink a Tank Beer

Obviously, the Czech people love their Pilsner, but they also love their Tank Beer. In my opinion Tank Beer is often overlooked by many tourists, so grab one and enjoy.

#3) Eat, Drink, and Be Merry at Strahov Monastery

All the beers are named after Saint Norbert, they also offer remarkable views of the city. It’s a steep walk up and down, so wear comfy shoes.

#4) Take a shot of Slivovitz without making a horrid face at the end

Since you will be spending a fair amount of time in Prague 1, stop by Krcma and take your shot of Slivovitz. It’s a local bar with cheap prices, and medieval interior.

Seriously, I don’t think that place has been touched by the 21st century.

#5) Go to Las Adelitas to eat some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had

Mind you, this is in Prague of all places and it still so good. This is by far my favorite place to eat in Prague (my little piece of home). Their food is so delicious they have three locations around Prague.

hanging outside near Vlatava river while visiting prague

Just another BEAUTIFUL overpass bridge in Prague. Yes, there are many, many more like this.

Local Things to Do in Prague

#6) Eat a true Czech dessert, not a Trdelnik

Yes, Trdelniks are so yummy, but they are actually true to Slovak culture, not Czech.

#7) Go on your own pub crawl

I went on the organized Prague Pub Crawl and was seriously disappointed. Prague has an incredible bar scene, which means you better get to drinking. Check out my post on which bars are a must see while in Prague. Drunken Satisfaction guaranteed.

#8) Make friends with a Czech local

Walk into the first local bar you see, sit down with confidence, get out your Google translate, and chat away. I’ve learned some Czech during my time in Prague, so I was happy to use it during a conversation.

Talk about their good history of King Charles, Wenceslas, and Havel. You will find that many are proud of their Bohemian past and love to talk about it.

#9) Stroll through Naplavka by day and party by night

Naplavka is the Czech’s version of a beachside party. At night groups of people come out with drinks, and sit alongside the river chatting away.

You will find houseboats, now turned into bars, line the docks offering food, drinks, and live music.

#10) Go to a hockey or soccer game

Depending on the time of year, if you can catch a live sporting game, GO!

#11) Go to a grocery store and pour your own wine from the draft

I brought an empty 2L water bottle and filled it from the dispenser. It cost me about $2 for some pretty good Moravian wine.

visiting prague for the first time and eating a tredlnik

Touristy Things to Do in Prague

#12) Snap a photo with the Dancing House

While I agree the architecture of this building is fascinating, there’s not much the Dancing House offers. Still, you must snap a photo and maybe even go inside.

#13) Walk around Old Town Square

Old Town Square is very touristy but necessary for any first-time visitors. Something is always going on to keep you entertained.

It’s also home to the famous Astronomical Clock.

#14) Quickly tour the Prague Beer Museum so you can enjoy your 4 free samples of beers

The museum itself was very MEH, but you get to sit in a cool cave at the end and enjoy 4 different samples of Czech Republic beer.

After you realize the Prague Beer Museum is ok, go to the SECOND Prague Beer Museum and get a sample of all 40 beers! The level of intoxication will vary depending on your group size.

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#15) Stroll down Parizka Street for some (window) shopping

Think of this street as the Rodeo Drive of Prague. A place for high end, luxury brand shopping. It’s also located in the Jewish Quarter; the most expensive neighborhood in Prague.

#16) Count the Spires around the city

They don’t call Prague a city of a thousand spires for nothing. How many can you count?

#17) Climb the steps of Petrin Lookout Tower

Prague’s very old rendition of the Eiffel tower. Climb to the top and admire more amazing views.

#18) Take the Discover Prague free walking tour

Note: Don’t forget to tip your guide in the end. I tipped 100 CZK ($4 USD) per person when I went. Hopefully, you get the guide Ashley because he was awesome.

visit Prague castle during your first trip to Prague

Art and Museums

#19) Rudolfinum for a classical music concert

I must say, I didn’t make it to a concert due to time conflict, but I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the beauty of the concert hall and of course the music.

The entrance to the hall is covered with a red carpet making it all the more convincing to dress up for a fancy evening over classical music.

#20) Tour Prague Castle

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if a castle is what you are looking for, you will not find it. That big Gothic Building you see in all the pictures is actually St. Vitus Cathedral.

The buildings around it did once belong to the high and mighty, but today it’s used by the current President. Still a gorgeous place to visit.

The Discover Prague Tour does a walking tour that covers all the castle grounds without actually going inside. It’s 200 CZK ($8 USD) for a 3-hour tour. TIP: Take the 5 pm tour for fewer crowds and better pictures.

#21) Find the fake windows in old Baroque buildings

Baroque buildings are meant to be symmetrical, so when some were built uneven, painters would paint fake buildings to keep it true to the baroque style.

HINT: There’s one around the Prague Castle grounds. Can you spot the fake windows?

#22) Enjoy Art Nouveau at the Mucha Museum

visiting prague for the first time and visiting letna beer garden

Cheap cold beer and views overlooking Prague. Talk about a perfect day at Letna Beer Garden.

Outdoor Activities

#23) Have a beer at one or all beer gardens

Prague is home to some of the most beautiful beer gardens I’ve had the pleasure of drinking at.

Make sure to stop by my favorites: Letna and Regrovy SadySadly, if you visit Prague in the winter months, these beer gardens will be closed.

#24) Stroll Wenceslas Square

Another popular square in Prague – one of the main and original ones. Today, Wenceslas Square is a center for business, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

#25) Enjoy the nature at Jeleni Prikop

A strip of land around the backside of the Prague Castle that used to serve as a moat but now is a scenic walking path.

#26) Paddle Boat along the Vltava River

Nothing beats taking in the city view than from the river. You may even befriend a few swans while you’re out there.

#27) Watch the changing of the guards at Prague Castle

touring prague district 1 during our first time visit

Classic Baroque architecture.

Where to Get a History Lesson

#28) Take a Vintage Car Tour

I put this on the list as a “what not to do” unless you’re really not up for walking, I recommend the walking tour over this one. Looking at the vintage cars from the outside is better anyways, but still, first timers love them.

#29) Tour the Jewish Quarter

Make sure to stop by the oldest operating Synagogue in Europe. Right across from the Synagogue is an overcrowded cemetery. There you will find a few notable people, but what really makes this place unlike any other, is how many people are buried there.

Back in the day when Jews were only allowed to live in the Jewish Quarter, they were also only allowed to be buried there. Since the Jewish religion does not believe in cremation, all the deceased had to be buried there, piled on top of each other in this one small cemetery.

Some tombstones have multiple names. When the Jewish people had asked for more land, the government said no and instead gave them more dirt so this cemetery is high above the ground only packed in by the walls surrounding it.

#30) Pay your respects at the Lennon Wall

It goes without saying the Lennon Wall is a must for any first timers in Prague. It really is remarkable. The wall is always changing as people leave messages daily.

If you have more time, I recommend taking a 3 hour day trip from Prague to see the beautiful Cesky Krumlov. It will not disappoint. Read more about it here.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you purchase through these links, which helps me create more great content…and buy pizza!

Share your Prague must-dos in the comments below!