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Nothing like a year filled with music festivals and world travel. I’ve been a lover of live music my whole life. Something about being surrounded by tons of people who share the same love for music really gets me excited. Combine that with some dancing and I’m sure to be there.

With tons of music festivals to choose from, here are the top 10 music festivals in the world everyone should attend at least once in their lifetime!


best music festivals in the world

Festival Planning Checklist




Fanny Pack

Comfy shoes

Cool Towel

Battery Pack


Download the festival app if there is one. This helps you set your schedule and stay on top of the timetable.

1. Tomorrowland – Boom, Belgium

This 3-day music festival just outside of Brussels, Belgium is without a doubt the BEST music festival in Europe. Combine that with 4 days of camping in Dreamville, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Tomorrowland goes a step further than any other music festival by creating an entirely different world for its attendees. You will feel as though you escaped to some magical land filled with the world’s best DJ’s, Chefs, Mixologists, and more!

There is a reason Tomorrowland is considered the pinnacle of EDM festivals. You simply must witness it with your own eyes.

2. Sziget – Budapest, Hungary

If you think making it through a 3-day festival was hard, try going for 7-days on an island in Budapest, Hungary! If you just got super excited like I did, then Sziget is a must for you! This festival seems to be a mash-up of many different festivals found all over the world.

Every day is spent enjoying the eclectic lineup of musicians, acrobatic shows, art, and more. Let lose and throw a couple of color bombs high above the crowd while you dance the day and night away.

Retreat nightly to your tent like the true hippie you are.

best music festivals in the world

3. Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas, NV

Also known as the festival that goes from “Dusk till Dawn”, Electric Daisy Carnival sure lives up to its name and continues to surprise me every year. This is one of the craziest music festivals in the world.

Located in my hometown, this festival has managed to stand out in the festival world with its neon art installations, enormous stages with laser shows, firework, and by far the BEST carnival rides. What’s not to love about Electric Daisy Carnival?

If you can’t make it to the Las Vegas festival, try catching their other locations in Orlando, United Kingdom, Mexico, and more.

4. Burning Man – Black Rock, NV

Burning Man goes far, far beyond a normal music festival. In fact, it’s considered a gathering. One could say the music is an added bonus to everything else that is going on, which is setting a giant wooden statue on fire. OK, so it’s also more than that too.

What personally draws me to Burning Man is their gifting culture, meaning no cash is exchanged at the festival. Instead, people gift food, drinks, and other services to each other.

Burning Man is one of those festivals that require serious preparation. One cannot simply show up without specific essentials required by the city and festival. Best to read up on all the FAQs on the Burning Man website.

Just like many festivals, you are required to make a profile in order to access the ticket sales, so make sure to do that as soon as possible.

best music festivals in the world - coachella

5. Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival – Indio, CA

Coachella has been around for some time now with attendees coming from all over the world, not to mention, a large amount of celebrities’ attendance every year.

People either love or hate Coachella. Why? Because people come greatly unprepared for the weather conditions and cost. Located in Indio, California on giant open fields, the wind here can do some real damage. Not to mention the scorching temperatures and dirt flying around 24/7.

If you don’t come prepared you can find yourself miserable with a broken tent, or worse!

Since Coachella has become so mainstream with fashion being almost more important than the artists themselves, it can cost a hefty penny to attend. From tickets, outfits, camping gear, too expensive drinks and food inside the festival be sure to start saving well in advance.

6. Stagecoach – Indio, CA

If you stick around after Coachella you will see the country crowd roll in for the biggest country music festival in the US, Stagecoach.

Even if you don’t particularly like country music, who can resist a man in a cowboy hat or a girl in her daisy dukes? Am I right?

Come ready to party and you are sure to walk away with a newfound love for the two-stepping country music crowd. Attire here is far simpler than Coachella. Just put on your best outfit that screams “‘Merica!”.

best music festivals in the world - ultra

7. Ultra Music Festival – Miami, FL

Ultra is great for catching all the latest and greatest in electronic music. Since it’s also part of Miami Music Week, DJ’s come prepared to debut all their latest beats.

Ultra keeps it simple compared to all the other festivals. People come to Ultra for the music and only the music.

There are no rides, art exhibits, and other activities. You simply come to groove out to all your favorite DJ’s and all their anticipated guests. The stage production is great too!

Make sure to bring plenty of cash for water is NOT free.

best music festivals in the world - groove cruise LA

8. Groove Cruise – Baja Mexico

I have to admit, after attending my fair share of music festivals, I tend to have high expectations. One could say I’m chasing that WOWness.

Well, by the time Groove Cruise came around, I told myself I would go in without any expectations, and I have to say, Groove Cruise is one of my most memorable festivals.

It is a smaller festival compared to the rest, but that is exactly what I loved about it.

The people I met during the check-in process were the same people I partied with all weekend. By the end of the four days, the entire cruise ship had become one big family.

The stages are nothing special and the DJ is practically spinning on the dance floor with everyone else. Everyone is treated the same during Groove Cruise. It was like going to my first festival all over again.

9. Bonnaroo – Great Stage Park, TN

Bonnaroo to me is like the Coachella of the Southeast only the weather is better and people could care less about what their festival outfits look like. So much actually, that they might ditch clothes altogether.

Rather than the desert, you are surrounded by green grass and tall trees with amazing art installations, activities for everyone, food, drinks, and music of all types.

Make sure to catch Bonnaroo every June in Great Stage Park, Tennessee.

10. Glastonbury – Pilton, UK

Five days of madness, countless artists, and over 100,000 attendees annually, Glastonbury is high on my bucket list.

Held every June in Pilton, United Kingdom, this festival reminds me of a modern-day Woodstock with world-renowned musicians of the performing arts. Not to mention the charitable cause behind Glastonbury, especially with their green initiatives.

Just by attending you are already helping to make the world a better place. One jam set at a time. Learn more here.

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Have you been to any of these festivals? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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