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10 signs you have an incurable travel addiction

They say a passport is a gateway to an addiction that is affecting more and more millennials on the daily.

Travel addiction that is.

It’s important to understand the signs in order to help you on your path to world discovery! That’s why I’ve asked these travel obsessed bloggers to share their thoughts on actions that make up a travel addict.

Here are 10 signs you have an incurable travel addiction!

signs of travel addiction from the invisible tourist

Your bookcase is a collection of travel guides

The Invisible Tourist

When all your bookcases look like this. They’re bursting with guidebooks, books about travel, phrasebooks, books on places you’ve been and places you want to go. There may also be souvenirs proudly displayed from the various destinations you’ve visited.

signs of travel addiction #2

The only coin jar you keep is that of foreign currency

The Invisible Tourist

When you have more foreign currency in your house than that of your home country. Over your years of travel you bring home any leftover currency rather than exchanging it because hey, you never know when you might be going back! Bonus points if the container you keep all your foreign coins and notes in has maps on it.

signs of travel addiction #3

Your Career is Adventure

Enchanted Serendipity

People who know me call me the traveler. I travel locally and internationally as much as I can every year. I rarely stay put in just one place. The funniest thing about all of this is the realization that I have only held a full-time position twice in 10 years. Schools are often offering me full-time work, but I am always saying no. I don’t want to be tied down to anything.

I like the freedom of being able to leave when I want and head off on my next adventure.

Taking full advantage of our 10 weeks of school holidays per year. I may not see myself building a career as a teacher, but when it comes to earning money and working in a job that allows me to travel…I have really found my groove with this. Work hard and play harder.

It may not last forever, but a life full of adventure has always worked for me – and I don’t have any plans to change that just yet!

signs of travel addiction #4

Most of your inbox is filled with airline and hotel offers

Seeking Neverland

Some people would rather not have their Inbox flooded with offers from every airline, hotel, and travel site under the sun. Yet, a travel addict celebrates every morning when they get to check their emails for exciting new travel offers. Oh, the thrill of wondering where the next adventure will be! Flash sales on airlines never ruined any travel addicts day.

signs of travel addiction #5

Your favorite book is your passport

Kat’s Gone Global

Have you ever opened a book that resonates with you so well that you can’t put down? One that inspires adventure, new experiences, and incredible fun?

For me, there is only one book in the world that does all that, my passport.

It’s one of my favorite books and has been at my side almost 10 years now, that’s a lot of adventures and experiences. I love it because it opens up a world of adventures, fits in my pocket, reminds me of all the things I have done when I flick through the pages, and when I have had enough for a while, it lets me go back home and tell my family and friends tales of adventures I’ve been on.

I treasure my passport like a friend, it is part of me, it takes me where I want to go and provides endless entertainment across the world.
signs of travel addiction #6

You Never Bother to Unpack

Trailing Abroad

It may sound obscure, but we almost never unpack! Hit by a total case of severe travel addiction, we always have a bag ready to jet off where ever we want to and never bother unpacking once we are back. Reason being, you never know, the stuff in there might come handy once again!

We simply don’t like the idea of closing the door to any travel opportunities. Oh and, did we mention that lousy feeling of ‘it’s over’ after returning from a holiday while unpacking…we can’t stand that too!

signs of travel addiction #7

The Weather app on your phone is filled with cities around the world

Seeking Neverland

As if pricing out vacations just for the hell of it wasn’t bad enough, watching the weather of places you have no immediate plans to visit is possibly worse. However, travel addicts live a spontaneous life, therefore, you have to be packed and ready at any given moment. Watching the weather is simply being proactive just in case you end up there soon.

signs of travel addiction #8

Conversations with friends begin with, “Where are you traveling to next?”

The Traveling Teacher

You know you’re a travel addict when your friends always start a conversation by asking, “Where are you traveling to next?” This is often the first question I get from friends when I see them and it’s definitely a sign that travel is a big part of who I am.

The only list you bother keeping is a Bucket List

The Traveling Teacher

The only list travel addicts bother keeping are lists of places they have been, are going to next, and want to eventually visit. I definitely keep my bucket list going in a journal next to my bed constantly and have to take it as a sign that I am a huge traveler!

signs of travel addiction #10

You book your next vacation while on vacation

Wanderlust on a Budget

You know you’re a travel addict when you’re on one vacation but already booking another!

Last week I was in DC on a combination business/personal trip when I got an email about an opportunity in Montana. I immediately started searching flight deals, dates, and things to do for the new trip!

Not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last. My husband has even gotten on board – we went on his first cruise for our honeymoon. By day 2 he was asking when our next cruise would be, so we started looking the next chance we had wifi!

I’ll leave you with this famous travel quote to serve as a reminder to get out there and explore. “To travel it to live” – Hans Christian Anderson.

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How many of these travel addict signs do you show? Have anything to add? Leave a comment below!

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