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travel skin care tips and beauty products

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Since the day my mom taught adolescent me how to properly care for my skin I have been obsessed with beauty regimens. Yes, even while traveling. No excuse when it comes to skin care. So, I’m super-duper excited to lay it all out and share with you my travel skin care tips. These are my tips and products for a fuss-free beauty routine on the go.

As I mentioned, I’m a bit obsessed with beauty products. Some people love makeup, but I love scrubs, washes, lotion, toner. I’ll never forget the day my mom brought me in the bathroom and showed me how to wash, tone, and lotion my face (and neck). It’s the one area of my life I don’t cheap out on. Not just in price, but the quality of the product too.

You may not know this, but the family dog, Bandit, is a beagle. Beagles are the most commonly tested on the dog because of their obedient and less aggressive nature compare to other dogs. That was all the heartbreak I needed to go cruelty-free on all of my beauty products. So when I find a quality product that is natural and cruelty-free I have to try it.

Given my criteria and constant travels, I need simplicity in my life which is why I love, love, LOVE Heritage Store Rosewater products. It’s an all-in-one skincare solution that’s natural and cruelty-free.

Rosewater has many benefits. I’m not only going to share with you what those benefits are, but also, breakdown my daily beauty routine when traveling, tips on how I stay fresh throughout the day, and bonus DIY masks.


travel skincare tips

Spritz for shine. Spritz for smell. The Rose Petal Rosewater can be used to add shine to your hair, as a body spray, and more.

Benefits of Rosewater

Rosewater is a great defense against the harsh beating our skin takes while traveling. This past summer, I made the mistake of going out in the sun without SPF. By the end of the day, I had tons of unwanted freckles and dark spots. Luckily, rosewater helps diminish dark spots.

This is just one of the many benefits. Another benefit of rosewater is that it helps to hydrate your skin.

Travel skin care beauty products

How can we protect our skin while traveling?

Keeping your skin protected is crucial when traveling. Most of us are out in the sun all day, sweating and more. I don’t know about you, but when my skin is clear and nourished I feel so much better.

Protect your skin from breakouts by washing makeup brushes (yes, even while traveling), don’t touch your face with dirty hands, sanitize your cell phone, eat veggies, drink water and try to sleep on your back if you’re sleeping with dirty hair.

I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s too damaging. So if I sleep with dirty hair, I make sure to keep it away from my face by either braiding it or sleeping on my back. Dirty hair on your face can lead to breakouts.

See below for my skin care routine on the go. This is what I do at home and on the go.

Best Travel Skin Care Routine


  • Splash face with cold water to wake me up!
  • Wash face with soap. Apply in small circular motions with a bit of pressure. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Apply Rosewater Facial Toner

Rosewater Facial Toner cleanses pores, reduced fine lines, nourishes the skin, and leaves you with a healthy glow. 

  • SPF face, neck, and body. I’m an SPF psychopath.
  • Apply lip balm.
  • Apply makeup and finish it with a spray of Rosewater & Glycerin

Rosewater & Glycerin can be used as a setting spray for makeup. Its natural ingredients means you won’t have harsh chemicals on your face that often lead to dryness and breakouts.


  • Use makeup wipes to remove makeup.
  • Wash with soap for a deep clean.
  • Apply Rosewater facial toner as my moisturizer.

You can use the toner as a moisturizer and skin-calming toner. It moisturizes enough so that you don’t need lotion which I love. Next time your face is red from picking at it. Apply the toner and watch how fast the red goes away. It’s crazy. 

Once a week

  • Exfoliate the body. Sometimes I’ll exfoliate my face twice a week.
  • Apply a deep cleaning and brightening face mask with rosewater (see DIY masks below).
  • Take a Rose Petals Rosewater bath.

I know that sounds fancy but it’s actually quite simple. Rose Petal Rosewater formula can be added to any bath giving you a spa feel that smells amazing and leaves your skin extra soft. 

Is it just me or is there a sense of relaxation that comes with pampering yourself? Take a few minutes to love yourself and your skin. It will make a huge difference – relaxed and confident.

Travel skin care beauty products

How do I keep my face looking fresh all day?

For starters, I don’t wear a ton of makeup when traveling – usually a tinted foundation and lightweight powders. I’m a fan of mascara and bold lipsticks.

When it comes time to freshen up, this is what I do:

  • Dob a tissue on my face to remove surface oil
  • Spritz Rosewater & Glycerin on my face

In addition to using Rosewater & Glycerin as a setting spray, it’s also my go-to product to keep me looking fresh all day. I carry it with me in my day bag.

  • Reapply lipstick

How do you keep your skin hydrated on a plane?

The same way I keep my face feeling amazing throughout the day is the same way I keep it hydrated on the plane. I also never fly with makeup on.

As soon as I get to my seat, I sanitize my air vent and point it towards my chest rather than my face. I also hydrate during the flight.

If it’s an overnight flight where I sleep, when I wake up, I go to the bathroom and wash my face – usually with my face wash wipes. Then I spray rosewater to give me an instant boost. By the time I land, I’m feeling fresh.

travel skin care tips

Where can you find Rosewater?

Heritage Store Products are available at Natural health food stores (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lucky’s, Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers, local co-ops), as well as Target, Ulta and Urban Outfitters.

BONUS: DIY Rosewater Masks

You can absolutely make these when traveling if you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen (or bring your own). If not, give these masks a try when you get home for a skin reboot.

Rosewater & Aloe Vera Brightening Mask

Ingredients: aloe vera, 1 tbsp. honey, 1 tbsp. milk, rose petal rosewater, pinch of turmeric.

Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste. Apply and leave on your face 10-20 minutes until dry then rinse off with water.

Rosewater Healing Clay Mask

Ingredients: 2 tbsp. bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and rose petal rosewater, 2 tsp. turmeric, water as needed.

Mix all but turmeric and rosewater. Once foamy, add the remaining two ingredients until a pudding-like consistency is formed. Apply and leave on your face 10-20 minutes until dry then rinse off with water.

Are you a fan of rosewater or is this new information you can’t wait to try? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Travel skin care tips