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Traveling with your significant other is the ultimate relationship booster. That’s not to say it does not come without a few challenges. So how can you both avoid conflict and utter vacation failure? You can start by following these six travel tips for couples.


Why couples should travel together?

Couples who travel together stay together duh! While that may be true there are some relationship benefits to travel. Communication improves, romance grows stronger, affection depends, and happiness levels increase with experiences over material items. These are just a few though. Every relationship is different and some benefits can be greater or less.

Here are 6 Reasons Couples Should Invest in Experiences Instead of Things

  1. You build a stronger trust for one another
  2. Better Communication
    1. Communication is key when traveling with your significant other. Having to navigate through a foreign city. The first backpacking trip Alessandro and I took was quiet the communicating experience. Every new city meant we had to figure out how to get around and other simple day to day tasks we took for granted back in the U.S. Being able to communicate with the other is part of the reason we were so successful.
  3. Memories of traveling together last longer than things
    1. I guarantee if you brought up the topic “remember what I bought you for christmas 3 years ago?” you would have a short talk about it and maybe enjoy a giggle or two, but if you brought up the topic “remember that week we spent in Belgium?” both of your faces would light up and the walk down memory lane would have you both talking for a while.
  4. You grow together
    1. Having experienced so many eye opening events that travel has brought us both, we have grown to understand things, appreciate differences in others, etc. That’s not to say we think alike or have a ton of differences, but we
  5. You appreciate better
    1. It’s been said that couples fight less when they continue to say their pleases and thank you. Take what you will from that, but I believe it to hold some truth. Traveling together means you are dependent on one another for assistance, security, everything. I cannot tell you how many times Alessandro had to help me strap on my enormous backpack and for that I thanked him every time. To me, it means recognizing that they are not the default help who doesn’t deserve appreciation.
  6. It is a romance DRIVER!
    1. Obviously romance is a huge part of any relationship and oftentimes the biggest struggle, especially in long term relationships. Sitting at home on the couch everynight watching your new 60″ television is harding going to spark any sexual desire, but walking the beaches in Barcelona or stumbling upon a secret room at a bar in Munich sure will!

How do I plan a romantic getaway?

This is easy. Grab a bottle of wine (or beer), sit down with each other and begin looking for inspiration. Watch a youtube video, scroll through Pinterest, or watch a wanderlust inspired movie. The important thing is to get the conversation started. Discussing and visualizing your next adventure creates positive energy for both of you.

From there, you need to discuss budget then start looking at flights, hotels, tours, etc. You both need to have a solid understanding of each other’s budget and plan accordingly.

Travel Tips for Couples: The 6 Do’s & Don’ts

travel tips for couples

Making new friends from our hostel in Brussels, Belgium

Don’t limit the fun to just you two

Who says traveling with your partner means the experience can only be shared between you two? Honestly, it can get lonely and boring really quick, especially if you are traveling for a long period of time.

Besides, if you don’t talk to anyone, you might miss out on some valuable information like best local spots in the city or other hidden treasures. Meeting fellow travelers and locals is part of the fun.

Do socialize and make friends

Traveling is the perfect time to start up a conversation with a random person and make new friends. People are the most open-minded and up for an adventure when they are on vacation.

To be honest, no one cares who you are with. As long as they too are down to have a good time. Grab a drink, join a walking tour, or join meetup.

If you are the shy type of couple, I recommend staying in a hostel. It’s an effortless way to meet fellow travelers.

travel tips for couples

Everyone is happy when Churros are involved.

Don’t assume you’re the only one on vacation

Basically, don’t be selfish. Compromise. The worst thing you can do would assume you’re never going to have to compromise on what to do and see.

If no one communicates expectations beforehand you are likely to run into problems. Just because you are a couple does not mean you have the same vacation style.

If you find you are constantly battling over everything to do, then you failed to plan and set expectations well before departure.

Do make sure your significant other is having a great time

Check in often and make sure the other is enjoying themselves. Not to say body language won’t give it away first, but communication is key.

If you are both fly by the moment people, then do a quick check with each other before divining into whatever adventure lies ahead. This is a very important tip.

It keeps you both on the same page and the positive vibe strong, thus making the trip more enjoyable for both of you.

When it comes to travel planning, my boyfriend doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do. He would rather sit next to me while I browse the internet and find things to do.

He will give his two cents as I peruse blog posts searching for inspiration. This allows us both to proactively set expectations.


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travel tips for couples

Who has time to be on their phone in a city as great as London?!

Don’t disconnect with the moment

Being on your phone, responding to emails, taking a phone call, etc. All those things are keeping you from enjoying the moment.

To you, it may not seem like much, but to your significant other, it means they are becoming lonelier. With that comes anger, fighting, and isolation.

Do live in the moment, together

I am notorious for always being on social media. It’s the price I pay for being a travel blogger. However, that’s not to say there are moments with my boyfriend when I realize nothing else is more important than enjoying this moment with him.

That’s why most of my posts on social media are never real time. It’s because I want to be present in the moment.

travel tips for couples

Me struggling to row the boat in Madrid for my boyfriend.

Don’t fight over every little thing

I remember when I traveled with my boyfriend for the first time, it was exciting, yet nerve-wracking because I knew we would be spending every waking moment together – increasing annoyance rate.

The first vacation as a couple is always a test on the relationship.

I get it. You’re lost in a new city, you missed your train, and the frustration is high! It’s easy to lash out at one another just because.

However, that type of unwanted confrontation can open up a whole can of worms. Suddenly you are both unhappy and sorry is not going to cut it.

Do remember you are a team

When tensions run high, talk about it, laugh it off, whatever you have to do to get through it as a team. I may be the first to get frustrated when we are traveling, but at the end of the day I know he would always be there for me if anything were to occur.

Think about that before releasing any anger during stressful situations.

travel tips for couples

Letting loose at Ushuaia in Ibiza, Spain

Don’t be closed-minded

Sticking to your normal “at home” routine is not what traveling is meant to provide. Remember you both are experiencing something new and exciting, so don’t hold the other back with your Debbie Downer attitude.

If your significant other is feeling held back by your judgment, then you have lost the communication aspect and failed to ensure everyone is having a good time.

 Do break out of your relationship comfort zones

As I said, you are both traveling to experience something new. Being open-minded can bring a whole new spark to your relationship. Don’t be afraid to let loose and experience something totally out of your element (i.e. sunbathing at a nudist beach in Barcelona).

Encourage each other to be bold, daring, or just plain silly. You just might learn something about the other you may not have known before.

travel tips for couples

Roses from my boyfriend in Munich

Don’t forget about the “oh la la” romance

Ever feel so exhausted after a vacation to the point of needing another one solely to relax? Running out of energy from sightseeing all day or having zero privacy in a hostel dorm.

These are all potential events that can kill the romance. Just because you are traveling together, does not mean you are taking the time to slow down and fully enjoy each other’s presence.

Do fall deeper in love

Plan a date while traveling. Get dressed up and go somewhere romantic. Maybe use a night to explore your hotel and cozy up in the room together.

One of my favorite travel memories with my boyfriend was at the Hard Rock Hotel when we decided to stay in our super comfy bed all day and rent movies. We wore white robes, ordered room service, and simply enjoyed being away from home together.

Hold hands. Kiss often. Take lots of photos. Fall in love not only with the moment but also with each other.

So where are you and your beloved going next?

The ultimate takeaway here is to be mindful of what challenges can arise and deal with them in a respectful manner. It’s what stands between unforgettable moments and disaster.

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Am I missing any Do’s & Don’ts? Share your travel tips for couples in the comments below!

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