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It is no lie Czech people like to drink. They statistically consume more beer per capita than anyone else. What they fail to reveal, however, is where all these drinks are being consumed.

As you stroll down Prague’s medieval streets, it’s easy to pass by a bar and never know the magic that is happening inside. On the outside, it looks like another medieval building but inside is a usual bar filled with specialty drinks and good times!

Like most cities, Prague has its organized pub crawls, but do yourself a favor and skip it.

Instead, visit these unusual bars. Oh and don’t forget to come with a healthy liver for it is about to be an epic night!

Let’s get started with a pre-game at Vytopna.

Pre-Game: Vytopna inside the Palladium mall



unusual bars in Prague - Vytopna


Let me start by saying that yes you must pre-game your DIY pub crawl. Why?

1) There are so many bars to try in Prague in so little time

2) Why not? Vytopna is a perfect pre-game spot located in the popular Palladium Mall, meaning you can grab a dashing outfit before your real pub crawl officially begins.

When the server comes to get your drink order do not expect them to ACTUALLY bring the drinks out to you. Instead, a miniature train will deliver your drinks right to your table.

I must say it is very entertaining to watch toy trains move across train tracks all around the bar delivering beers. My Snapchat was out of control and it was only the beginning.

Now the real pub crawl begins. . .

Start: Old Town Square

Black Angels Bar

Normally, I don’t like to recommend bars and restaurants in touristy areas, but Black Angels bar is an exception.

With nothing but a dark black and red sign on the street level, Black Angels bar is located underground right in the famous Old Town Square.

Walk downstairs and find yourself in a dimly lit cave surrounded by giant fish tanks, chandeliers, and fancy leather sofas.

The bartenders here are professional mixologists who play a role in creating every drink on the menu, so they are more than happy to help you find that perfect draank!

As you leave Black Angels feeling warm and fuzzy inside, walk or skip just a few feet to the other side of Old Town Square to Bed.



If you are telling yourself it is too early for bed, you are absolutely correct.

BED is a cocktail and hookah lounge with an unusual seating arrangement. Rather than tables and chairs everyone is hanging out in giant beds.

Kick off your shoes, get comfy, and cheers to some tasty concoctions. Here, you are sure to make more friends to join you on this fantastic DIY pub crawl.

Next, make your way to Anonymous Bar. . . if you can find it. . .

Walk: 6 minutes to Anonymous Bar

unusual bars in Prague - Anonymous Bar

Anonymous Bar

Hands down my favorite bar in Prague, and arguably the most unusual bar on this list.

If you have ever seen the movie V for Vendetta then you will understand this bar.

There is no sign out front, but Google Maps will get you there. Just don’t be sketched out by the lack of light out front or door greeter as you walk up.

In fact, if you are unsure where the bar is upon arrival, just walk towards the darkest alley and you will find it.

The secret menu is the best thing about this bar, which can only be accessed by black light. As soon as you are handed the menu, order the first listed drink and a black light will be brought out to you.

My personal favorite drinks are the Malaysian and Scarlet Rose. If you are lucky, your drinks might even be delivered by Guy Fawkes himself!

This is usually the turning point for many since it is impossible to have just one drink at Anonymous Bar. However, the party must go on!

Walk: 9 minutes to Hangar Bar


Hangar Bar

Step back in time all the way to 1950 when being a flight attendant for Pan American was equivalent to being a Victoria Secret supermodel.

The only thing that is missing from this Pan AM inspired bar is Leonardo DiCaprio.

The owner spared no detail in decorating – from the menu resembling a boarding pass to the Pan AM plane you walk through to get to the dance floor.

My recommendation is to try one of their specialty cocktails or go for a classic old fashion. Pinkies up!

At this point, you have plenty of liquid courage and a strong desire to shake it on the dance floor.

Walk: 3 minutes to Bombay Bar

Bombay Bar

Bombay Bar is a lively place with music ranging from 80’s to today. Yes, Czech people love their 80’s music.

The menu has a wide array of spirits, some beer, and their own specialty cocktails including a nice and strong margarita. It is perfect for those sticking to liquor drinks.

Bombay Bar has a more laid-back atmosphere with music and reasonably priced drinks. Plus, it is a perfect place to ease you into the craziness that is about to happen at the next bar.

Crawl: Across the street to the Grand Finale!

Harley’s Bar

What I love about this bar is you get the feel of a nightclub in a bar setting. I can dance to all of today’s hits and still hear myself think.

It’s also a great place to meet new people, including locals! Harley’s Bar attracts the local crowd with the busiest days being Thursday-Sunday.

You are sure to leave knowing more people than you did when you arrived.

Assuming you have made it to the end, pat yourself on the back for you are a functioning alcoholic. Now go sober up at a nearby Burrito Loco or pizza vendor and take an Uber back to your hotel. Goodnight party people.

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Is my pub crawl missing something? Share your favorite bars in Prague below!

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Where to find the most unusual bars in Prague