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Did someone say tapas?

It seems like, within the last couple of years, tapas bars have been popping up all over the world. As someone who has lived in the birthplace of tapas, it’s exciting to see that restaurant owners around the globe are embracing this cornerstone of Spanish culture.

But what about if you’re vegan? Finding restaurants that serve vegan options has never been easier. Keep reading for more information on where to find vegan tapas in Granada, Spain.

veggie burger at tapas restaurant in spain

What are tapas?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a tapa is essentially a small portion of a dish. Traditionally, it would have been a Spanish dish, but tapas has since evolved to suit a variety of cuisines. Throughout Spain, you’ll find tapas served up at Italian, English, and even Indian restaurants. The one thing all tapas have in common is that they are accompanied by a drink, usually alcoholic.

I am lucky enough to live in one of the last remaining places in Spain where tapas are free. In Granada, when you order a beverage, you receive a tapa as a gift from the house. And we’re not talking about a bowl of olives or a slice of cheese, either. If you know where to go, you can snag a solid lunch for about 2€: pay for the drink, receive a sandwich and fries free. How do bars like this stay in business? I still haven’t figured that one out.

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Where to Find Vegan Tapas in Granada, Spain

In recent years, it’s become much easier to eat vegetarian and vegan in Granada. While it’s undeniable that Spain loves its meat, the country is beginning to catch on to the changing lifestyle of millennials. In Granada specifically, the high number of exchange students has restaurant owners realizing that business is better when they offer an option for everyone.

Many restaurants have included vegan options on their menus. Even if they don’t explicitly state that vegan dishes are available, if you let your server know when you order your drink that you’d like a vegan tapa, chances are they’ll be able to cook something up for you.

On your next visit to Granada, check out the following bars for fantastic vegan tapas:

-La Pajuana

-El Ojú

-El Tablón Verde


-Om Kalsoum


-El Pecado

-Restaurante Botánico Café

-El Peruano

-7 Gatos

A few extra tips on eating vegan in Spain

There are a few things you can do to make your trip to Spain smoother in terms of eating vegan. Firstly, when researching all the fun things you’re going to see and do, don’t forget to look up vegan-friendly locales in each city. Happy Cow is your best friend. Next, figure out how to state your dietary preferences in Spanish.

“I’m vegan” = “Soy vegano/a”

“I’d like a vegetarian/vegan tapa, please.” = “Una tapa vegetariana/vegana, por favor.”

“Do you have vegan options?” = “¿Hay opciones veganas?”

“I don’t eat meat/eggs/dairy products.” = “No como carne/huevos/productos lácteos.”

Since vegetarianism is still a fairly new concept to Spain, waitstaff might ask you if fish is okay. If you hear, “¿Comes pescado?” politely say “no.”

Depending on where in Spain you’re visiting, you might consider booking accommodation with a kitchen or staying in a Vegan friendly hotel. Most big cities will have ample options for vegans; villages are another story entirely. You may get lucky and happen upon the one restaurant in town that serves up great salads and traditional Spanish dishes without meat. That’s certainly not the norm, so book an Airbnb or a hostel where you can purchase fresh ingredients at the supermarket to cook yourself. Don’t let the lack of vegan options deter you from visiting. Much of Spain’s charm is to be found in off-the-beaten-path locations!

Finally, stock up on supplements and vegan staples in big cities. Large supermarkets like Mercadona and Carrefour will have things like chia seeds and quinoa, but you’ll probably need to go to a health food store (herbolario or ecotienda) to find nutritional yeast, vegan vitamins, and superfoods.

Spain has one of the richest cuisines in the world. With a bit of preparation, it’s totally possible to enjoy it as a vegan!

Food aside, Granada is also a fabulous city filled with tons of activities, heritage sites, castles and more. I recommend spending at least a weekend here.

Author: Ivana Vicentijevic, Canadian Girl Meets World

Ivana is a Canadian girl finding a way to make travel a priority at every stage of my life: as a full-time student, as an employee, and now as an expat. Be sure to check out Ivana’s blog and follow her adventures on social media:

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