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What should you pack for Vegas? 

That entirely depends on when you’re coming and how much fun you plan on having. The fashion in Las Vegas is a combination of the LA hipster scene meets rainbows and unicorns. Meaning casual wear is similar to Los Angeles with your skinny jeans, a classic black t-shirt, and off-the-shoulder blouses.

Then again that might be everywhere by now.

 Vegas people, however, always put a little spin on their wardrobes, especially at night.

The taller the heels the better, and if your necklace isn’t going to blind someone like a laser, it isn’t sparkly enough.

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Take me for example, I’m a Vegas girl and nothing gives me greater pleasure than finding that perfect statement piece to jazz up my look – taking it one step further. Whether it’s a champagne bucket purse or a glitter-dipped trench coat.

I think you catch my point.

As a general rule, when I’m traveling anywhere, I like to pack layers. Yes, even in the summer. Something suitable for a dressy night out too whether its a nice blouse or cocktail dress. Whatever your luggage space allows. Those are typically the staples I bring with me.

Here is your Vegas packing list for females (sorry fellas) broken down by year-round essentials and season.

What to pack for vegas for females

The strip is miles long which means walking shoes are a must.

Year-Round Vegas Vacation Checklist

These essentials will come in handy no matter the season.

Crossbody Purse: Pretty much my go-to for any trip.

Cocktail Dress: Fancy dinners require fancy dresses. Are we really mad about it? I think not. 

Little Black Club Dress: The clubs are open year round and can get hot on a crowded night. A little black club dress is a must when in Vegas. 

Strappy Heels: Every great dress needs a great pair of heels. You should always have the classic black heel on you.

Nikes for Walking the Strip: Walking the strip takes a toll on your feet. Best to wear comfy walking shoes. 

Statement Necklace: I love a statement necklace to jazz up any outfit.

Collapsible Water Bottle: You’re in the desert and it’s dry all the time. Water is crucial! 

What to pack for Vegas in January

New year. New You. New winnings at this slot machine.

What to Pack for Vegas in January

Average Temperature: 60 degrees Fahrenheit (high) / 39 degrees Fahrenheit (low)

New year, new you. And what better place to flaunt your new self than in Vegas? Here the must-pack flashy essentials.

Gold Glitter Romper: Glitter makes everything better! Vegas is all about standing out – being different. And all that glitters IS gold hehe.

Faux Fur Coat: The “I am a boss” coat. Own it, girl!

Studded Heels: I don’t know why I just feel studded heels send the message that you’re a confident badass.

Satchel Handbag: Because you need something to carry all your winnings in.

More Winter Packing Essentials

Black Jeans

Vintage Vegas Tee

Oversized Sweater



Combat Boots

what to wear to vegas in march

Come March, everyone is dying for some color in their wardrobe.

What to Pack for Vegas in March

Average Temperature: 73 degrees Fahrenheit (high) / 49 degrees Fahrenheit (low)

The temperatures are creeping up and the pool parties crawl out of hibernation. The weather is so indecisive so best to bring warm and cool weather clothes.

Light (glitter) Jacket: Though any jacket will work, I love the versatility of bomber jackets. Throw some glitter on there and you’re outfit just got way better. I’d wear it with black denim and strappy heels.

Jumpsuit: Opt for a pastel jumpsuit and either dress up during the day or down at night.

Spring Romper: By the springtime, you will be dying for some florals and color in your wardrobe. Rompers are a great choice and many come in fun designs. Plus, they are so easy to pack.

Converse Sneakers: Opt for a colorful pair to welcome in the spring season. Like these lavender ones.

Light Scarf: Because sometimes it gets a lil’ chilly.

Brunch Dress: Brunch happens year-round, but towards spring is when it starts to pick up.

what to pack for vegas

Cotton summer dresses are my go-to during hot summers in Vegas

What to Pack for Vegas in July

Average Temperature: 105 degrees Fahrenheit (high) / 79 degrees Fahrenheit (low)

Everyone knows summer’s in Las Vegas are scorching! It’s critical you pack sunscreen and breathable clothes.

Bathing Suit: How better to cool off than at one of many pools. A bathing is required. . . at least the bottoms!

Kimono: So many people think they can walk around anywhere they please wearing nothing but their bathing suit. Casino security and businesses will stop you immediately. You must be covered anywhere outside the pool, which is why I always bring a Kimono with me. It’s so easy to throw on and go.

Sandals: Though I don’t recommend sightseeing in sandals, they will come in handy for short distance journeys (aka the pool).

Cotton Shorts: You must let your nether regions breathe. Cotton shorts are the best choice. 

Yoga Tank Tops: Don’t let the yoga name fool you. Some call them muscle tanks and others yoga. It basically means the sides are super long allowing you to expose your bralette.

Bralette: To complement your tank top.

what to pack for vegas

Sippin rose & looking fabulous at Cafe Lola in Las Vegas

More Summer Packing Essentials

Sunblock: I like the sports spray sunblocks because they aren’t as greasy. Also, don’t forget SPF facial moisturizer. I love love love 

Spf Foundation: Because you can never have too much SPF. 

Setting Spray: Helps your makeup last a little longer. I personally don’t sweat much in dry heat only because I’m used to it. However, some people come from cooler or moist places and cannot stop sweating. Your makeup is the first to take a hit.

Hat: Have you ever had a sunburn on your hair part? Ouch! Best to put a hat on if you plan to be outside.

what to wear to Vegas in october

What to Pack for Vegas in October

Average Temperature: 82 degrees Fahrenheit (high) / 58 degrees Fahrenheit (low)

Ah yes, the autumn season! When everyone else in the world is experiencing the cooler temps and fall foliage, Vegas is finally getting some normal summer temps! It’s not until Halloween that the first chilly day arrives.

Demins: A must for Fall. I like to stick with my basic blue jeans and black demins.

Statement Tee: I don’t know what it is about Fall that makes me want to get comfy in basic jeans and t-shirts look. Take your look a little further with a statement screen tee.

Boyfriend Cardigan: Is it really fall until someone has a sweater on? Cardigans are great for throwing on and off since the weather could change any given minute.

Boots: A classic brown ankle boot will do just fine. I honestly find my ankle boots to be so comfy. I can wear them out for hours and be totally fine.

Backpack: I don’t prefer backpacks in the summer. The straps make you all sweaty and can leave tan lines, so wait until fall to bust out a cute backpack purse.

What to pack for vegas 

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