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Rave outfit ideas 2018Searching for rave outfit ideas to help you stand out in the crowd?

Need the perfect rave outfit that represents your vibe? I got you.

Costume creation at raves are unique compared to any other music festivals on the PLANET!

Take the world famous EDC Las Vegas for example. Costume creation at EDC Las Vegas is unlike any other rave on the PLANET!

Everywhere you look the daisy mascot is represented in some way, shape, form, or attitude.

There may or may not be a dedicated section in my closet glowing with neon green spandex bottoms, light up glasses, and bags of Kandi. We can’t forget about the Kandi.

How does that saying go again? Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

And this is just one example. Year after year, raves are popping up all over the world.

Below are outfit ideas that are sure to have you standing out in the crowd!

From Alice in Wonderland to Electric Midnight and add-on accessories, find your perfect rave outfit in this post.

But first. . .

Can we stop and appreciate my first ever EDC outfit way back when in 2011.

edc las vegas

Yes, I glitter dipped my shoes & ironed on the word “RAGE”!

alice in wonderland rave outfit ideas

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Rave Outfit Ideas

Electric Cheshire Cat Inspired

1. We’re All Mad Here Tank | 2. Metallic Purple Shorts | 3. iHeartRaves Pink Leg Wraps | 4. Leg Avenue Furry Boot Covers | 5. Waterproof LED Glowing Eyelashes

Naughty White Rabbit Rave Outfit

6. iHeartRaves White Hologram 2-Piece | 7. Sexy White Rabbit Ears | 8. Black Suede Choker Necklace | 9. White Rabbit Necklace | 10. iHeartRaves Light Up LED Leg Wraps

Galaxy themed Rave Outfit Ideas

Galaxy Themed Rave Outfit Ideas

1. Alien Backpack | 2. Holographic Body Suit with Hood | 3. Silver Holographic Glitter | 4. LED Wings | 5. Lightup Galactic 3-Piece | 6. Alien Pasties | 7. Lime Green Tutu | 8. Lime Green Mesh Halter Top | 9. Face Gems | 10. Alien Multi-Colored Body Suit

EDC Las Vegas Rave Outfit Ideas

EDC Rave Outfit Ideas

1 Hypnotized Light Up Bra | 2. Metallic Pleated Skirt (Pink) | 3. Glitter Sequin Fringe Halter | 4. Kaleidoscope Steampunk Goggles | 5. LED Light Up Flower Crown | 6. White Net Halter Top | 7. Daisy Pasties | 8. Daisy Backpack | 9. Daisy Cat Ears Headband | 10. Green Light Up Romper | 11. Yellow Sneakers | 12. Daisy Hight-Waist Shorts

Sexy, lightup rave outfit ideas

Light Up Rave Outfit Ideas

1 Butterfly Wrap Top | 2. Black Metallic Shorts | 3. Light Up Short Sleeve Hoodie | 4. Black Bodysuit with Wings | 5. LED Shuffle Shoes | 6. Fiber Optic Halter Top | 7. Guy Fawkes LED Wire Mask | 8. Black Holographic Bandana | 9. Glitter Sheer Mesh Top | 10. Blue LED Rave Glasses | 11. Light Up Black Tutu | 12. Black Fishnet Pantyhose | 13. Fringe High Waisted Booty Shorts

Must-Have Rave Accessories

Give your outfit an added touch with these must-have add-ons:

Kandi Beads

Orbital Toy

Body Paint

What is your signature rave item? Share your must-have in the comments below!

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