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southwest usa road trip

Looking to take a Southwest USA road trip but don’t want to drive?

Gather your friends and hop aboard FlixBus. Sometimes the best trips don’t require hopping on a plane. Sometimes the best trips are road trips.

Finally, Southwest USA is accessible at an affordable cost without sacrificing comfort. All thanks to FlixBus.

You may be wondering. . .

Who is Flixbus?

Originating from Munich, Germany, Flixbus is a leading sustainable travel company operating green buses in over 28 countries. Their newest venture, the great American Southwest!

Now you can finally travel the Southwest for less. Flixbus is now open for travel around California, Arizona, and Nevada. At least in my experience, charter bus transportation in the US always seemed a little sketch, but there are a few key differences to booking with FlixBus versus other charter buses that I particularly enjoy.

Reason #1: They do not have kiosks which help to limit just anyone from boarding. I’ve seen my fair share of wackos and the last thing I want is to be sitting on a 5-hour bus ride with one. Sorry, not sorry.

Reason #2: They pick up and drop off in convenient locations

Reason #3: They specifically target travelers rather than everyday bus passengers

A few benefits to road tripping via coach bus:

  1. If you have a large party you can all take the same vehicle
  2. No one is responsible for driving. Just kick back and relax
  3. Free Wifi

This summer was all about exploring the world around me aka California and Arizona. I was so excited when FlixBus announced their arrival to the US and invited me to take a journey with them!

southwest usa road trip

My Experience with Flixbus

I took my journey from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. I opted for the direct route to get there as quick as possible. That made my trip to LV to LA only 5 hours which is the same amount of time had I drove myself. At that point, why wouldn’t you want to take a bus?

I was dropped off in downtown LA which made getting around from there super convenient. From there, I spent the weekend wandering around the downtown area and West Hollywood.

Returning back home from LA to LV this time, I opted again for the direct route. Overall, it was a smooth and easy process from booking to the actual ride. The buses were super clean and all the passengers were quiet. No problems.

For my first ever coach bus experience in the US, I’d have to say I will absolutely be booking with them again. Especially for last minute trips around the Southwest!

southwest usa road trip

How to Book Your Flixbus Trip

Down the Flixbus app from the Google Play or Apple Store. It’s free!! Launch the app and create your account.

The first tab is where you will input all the information: destination, travel dates, and passengers

From there you will be asked to select your departure and return times, followed by the payment screen.

It’s that easy!

The app also features your booking with QR scanners so no need to print anything out.

southwest usa road trip

Not sure where you want to go?

Head to the third tap labeled “stops” and find all the destinations Flixbus goes to. You can play travel roulette.

Click here to book your Flixbus journey!

Have you or ever would you travel via Flixbus? Share in the comments below.

Huge thanks to Flixbus for sponsoring this post and my journey. Though sponsored, all opinions are ALWAYS my own!

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